APC reconciles aggrieved members in Delta State



Explains rejection of Ayade’s overture in C’River
THE All Progressives Congress says it is reconciling members in Delta State to reposition the party for a possible re-run and dominance of the political space in the state.

Chieftains are said to be excited by the overwhelming support the party’s governorship candidate in the last election, Olorogun O’tega Emerhor was getting from members in the three senatorial districts of the state.

Delta APC and Emerhor in a statement by his Director of Media, Dr Fred Larimore Oghenesivbe, said that “the bond of unity and absolute oneness of members has put paid to speculations by the opposition that APC Delta State will not survive her internal crisis.”

He disclosed that the crisis was traced to some party members in the Diaspora who did not believe initially that President Muhammadu Buhari would win the election, “but later schemed to hijack the party structure in the state after the landslide victory as well as those who were either working for the PDP for selfish interest but could not achieve their goals in the PDP power sharing game.”

The other groups, according to the chief publicist were “those who lost out at the party primaries, including party members who PDP planted within the rank and file of the party to generate crisis for electioneering strategies before, during and after the general elections.”

Oghenesivbe submitted that members of the APC in the state had resolved to remain united and support Emerhor “who has been and still the major financier of the party in the state so as to mobilise for a possible re-run election after the legal tussle at the tribunal.”

Meanwhile, the national leadership of the party has advanced reasons for declining to participate in the Governor Ben Ayade-led People’s Democratic Party (PDP) administration in Cross River State, saying the government “is deficient in many ways, accounting for its abysmal failure in governance and has a gargantuan appetite for corrupt tendencies, hence its desire to either tap from the creativity of the APC to sanitise its house or rope our members and our party into the mess.’’

The party warned its members to “run miles away from this appearance of “evil,’’ adding that anyone caught negotiating with the PDP on account of the unity government proposal against the lawful directives of the national leadership will be sanctioned according to the statutes of the party.

National Vice Chairman (South South) of the APC, Prince Hilliard Eta, who conveyed the decision of the national leadership on the proposed unity government by Governor Ayade in a statement by his media aide, Bassey
Ita, said: “Members risk severe sanctions to hobnob with the PDP over the offer”.

  • bela

    please APc should take the blame for the crises in Delta state and stop accusing Pdp for their problems

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  • akpo

    The APC should work towards speedy amendment of the electoral law prior to any re-run election.It is the duty of government
    to regulate the peoples behaviour through enactment of laws.Election rigging has perpetuated in this country because those who are supposed to make laws to check it are themselves alleged beneficiaries of the illicit practice.Thus far, we do not have to wait till presidential election before amending the law.Now is the appropriate time.
    The ingredients that will make the law palatable to the masses is graduation of punishment for electoral offences thus: death sentence for armed snatching of ballot boxes,life imprisonment for doctoring or inflating election result,life imprisonment for armed threatening of electorates,and 25 years imprisonment for multiple thump printing.
    Election rigging is a serious crime as it promotes criminals to occupy government institutions.They plunder our common wealth when they get there with corollary effect of lack of modern basic infrastructures and to the worst level of inability of government to pay salaries which reduces the ordinary worker to a beggaring life.when man is at this level,if he is struck by malaria, he will not be able to buy an effective drug to cure himself.Such person is sentence to death by the criminal action of election rigging.Election rigging brings corruption and corruption brings death to the people.No wonder the UN.made corruption as crime against humanity.
    I will further add that election rigging in the third world should also be made crime against humanity.Our people usually alleges that election rigging is not peculiar to Nigeria but ours is beyond what is morally acceptable.In the civilized world,there is no armed ballot snatching,thuggery nor the act of armed threats warning electorate not to come out to vote if they are not coming to vote for candidate A or B.