APC, monarchs disagree over state’s airport project


Fayose, governor of Ekiti

THE Ekiti Council of Traditional Rulers and All Progressives Congress (APC) have disagreed over the economic importance of Ado Ekiti airport project being embarked upon by Governor Ayodele Fayose.

While the monarchs believe the project will help hasten economic development in the state, the APC described it as a “conduit pipe to siphon the resources of the state” that will end like poultry projects executed by Fayose during his first term in office.

But a statement by the traditional rulers in Ado-Ekiti signed by the Chairman, the Ologotun of Ogotun-Ekiti, Oba Oladapo Oyebade, the monarchs said the project, which was approved by the Presidency in 2010, must start without further delay.

Council appreciates the new move by the Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Peter Ayodele Fayose to pursue this worthy cause to logical conclusions. Council uses this opportunity to remind the President, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria of an earlier appeal by the good people of Ekiti State at the Ewi’s Palace during his presidential campaign visit to Ekiti State on this subject. Council uses this medium to solicit the support of Mr. President for the execution and completion of the project.

We also appeal to Ekiti sons and daughters and well wishers across the globe for their full support. Now is the time for all good people of Ekiti to support this project for the promotion of the socio-economic emancipation of our beloved Ekiti State,” the statement read.

But the APC in a statement yesterday said “the promotion of elite project while neglecting initiatives for the growth of local economy for the masses of the agrarian state was insensitive, wicked and selfish, noting that the promoter of the project had no motive other than the “characteristic flight of the state funds” in such capital projects that have little or no hope for the local economy.“

Criticising some community leaders for their accomplice role in the project mainly planned for the fancy of the few who see Ekiti State as their private property, APC’s Publicity Secretary, Taiwo Olatunbosun, said the governor, had in a desperate move, embarked on begging and cajoling some first class traditional rulers with mouth-watering offers to support “this wasteful venture”.

Of what economic sense and use is an airport to the economy of Ekiti when the Akure Airport is less than one hour drive to Ado Ekiti? What has been the positive economic impact of the Akure airport on the economy of Ondo State, which has hundreds of big industries compared to Ekiti with none?” Olatunbosun queried, wondering why the governor could not learn anything on the poor state of Ibadan Airport in that highly industrialised city.

A governor that prefers an airport that risks lack of patronage to infrastructure development that will be beneficial to the people is a governor that doesn’t care about the welfare of his people.
“It shows that Fayose can never change his profligate tendencies because this is the same way he embarked on the needless poultry project that gulped N1.3 billion over which he is still standing trial in court,” he added.

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  • avinotab

    partisan apart, airport in Ekiti state is pure waiting of Government money. unfortunately most people of this poorest state may think their sons and daughter will be able to travel oversea if the airport is built; this is a pure fantasy. sincerely speaking at this stay only a stupid government will spend huge amount of money without expecting anything in returns. Akure airport never reach 50% capacity, Ibadan still below capacity and under-founded. who have ability to spend NGN30,000 ticket fees from Lagos to Ekiti among the works apart from the politicians.
    My young advise to the people of Ekiti is to think inward and come up with a project that can benefit the poor but not like Stomach Infrastructure Project i mean a sustainable project for the future. I know Ekiti politician are too arrogant and self serving desperate to get their names on the book of history but never think of cost and impact on the future generation after stealing enough for their on born children.

    Oba in council should seek advice from economy aspect of social cultural development and stop behaving like kiddies.

    • You are right my brother, what concern Ekiti with Airport, instead of talking about agriculture , like cocoa plantation, palm oil these are the thing that can bring money to the state, and can engage so many youth for employment. What about the abandon Texas factory, while not resuscitate.


    Ekiti state apc and opposition politics ,are you building infrastructure for your self or your generation?. even state with 500,000 people have airport so how many population is ekiti state.? apc will never change for better.


    Every state in Nigeria should have at least an airport and Ekiti state should not be an exception. An airport is like a motor park for air travelers. It is not every issue that should be politicized. Let us wish the people of Ekiti better things and better infrastructures of which an airport is one.

    • avinotab

      its a very good thing for every state to have an airport but is it necessary?, in terms of priority, how is it important to local communities? Please ask yourself what are the cost of building one and returns on investment. what is current loan rate in Nigerian banks and how long to pay back the loan. May i ask ‘have you travel to Ekiti recently? how many road in Ekiti are in good condition.

      Please my comment is not able party as i am not a member of any political party. my comment was based on .economic factor not on any political issue. Our economy decision should base on robust economy sense not politics.

      Remember those who failed to plan planned to fail. borrowing money above your probable income is not a good decision. there is no political group in Nigeria today that can claim innocent, they are all the same, only change from one logo to another.

      Brother please try and stop mixing politics with future of our children.