Why peace committee must disband now

Rev Okotie

Rev Okotie

EVERY patriotic Nigerian should support President Muhammadu Buhari in his war against terror and its twin demon of corruption. His success or failure would ultimately be judged by the defeat of insurgency and the recovery of looted public funds by the government of his predecessor, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan in particular, because the most reckless looting of our national resources happened under his watch.

One is, therefore, disappointed by the discordant tunes coming from some members of the National Peace Committee, which includes former Head of State, Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar, Bishop Matthew Kukah, the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’Ad Abubakar III; the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor; Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Most Revd. Nicholas Okoh;  etc. The committee only recently visited President Buhari for undisclosed reasons.

But Bishop Kukah, who addressed journalists on behalf of the Peace Committee after the meeting with the President alluded to the on-going investigation of the PDP government of ex-President Jonathan, saying his group appealed to President Buhari “to be fair” in his handling of the probe.

I am amazed at the ecclesiastical affinity of Goodluck Jonathan. First it was Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor and now it is Bishop Kukah. Both are now amalgamated in the Peace Committee. I submit that Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor
has exhibited himself as a general factotum of the imperial house of Jonathan and Patience Goodluck. He, therefore, debunks the definition of an emissary of peace on an unremunerated endeavour. Bishop Kukah in his apologetic prolixity describes Jonathan’s governmental enterprise, inter alia, as ‘’fantastic.’’ To my sanctified mind, this is not only imaginary but approaches the periphery of phantasmagoria.

He castigates President Buhari in subtle verbiage for what he perceives to be a sluggish pace in revving the engine of governance. He thus, abandons momentarily, the responsibility of his committee’s morality posture and immerses his Episcopalian garments in the quagmire of the political emporium. What compels a chartered libertine who has been weaned on the
mountains of divine servitude to descend to such valleys of mundane terrestrials? What inspired such lisping accents of jejune political naivety? Is it peace committee?

There are several other questions still begging for urgent answers: Who sent the National Peace Committee to Aso Rock to plead with President Buhari “to be fair” to officials of the Jonathan government now under investigation? Why is the Committee putting the President under pressure
in his quest to rid the Augean stable of the filth of the corrupt PDP regime? Why are they pre-empting the President by assuming that he’d not be fair?

A mitigation plea by this Committee is not only premature but uncalled for, and is a direct insult to the injury that ex-President Jonathan’s six-year misrule has inflicted on Nigerians, majority of whom are now
impoverished and dying from the ravages of hunger, malnutrition and disease.

The Peace Committee is no longer relevant and should honourably and immediately disband, to save Nigerians from this gratuitous charade and national embarrassment. There’s no denying the fact that, at least, one of the committee members used to hobnob with ex-President Jonathan, and is a beneficiary of his patrimonial leadership.

President Buhari’s crusade against corruption must begin with a comprehensive probe of former President Jonathan, to send a clear signal that he means business. A serious fight against corruption must, therefore, begins with the immediate subpoena of the former President, who ran a large patronage network that spurned the unprecedented corruption that has brought this nation to the abyss. His wife, Patience, must also be investigated. Any credible drive towards the recovery of looted public funds in the PDP federal government can only succeed, not just by investigating functionaries of that government, but also by probing the ex-President and his wife.

President Buhari must demonstrate to the world that he still has fire in his belly, by showing himself strong, fearless and capable of taking on the most sacred cows
whose hands are soiled.

In the twilight of his administration, Jonathan had warned that officials of his government would be persecuted. This is cheap talk. The President has no power to send anyone to jail unless the court finds such person guilty. Besides, it is in Jonathan’s interest to face a probe to clear his name if he has nothing to hide.

Late Politician, Chief Obafemi Awolowo was the leader of the opposition in the first republic when he was tried and jailed by the Balewa government for treasonable felony. President Buhari himself was behind bars for 23 months with his No. 2 man, the late Gen. Tunde Idiagbon, after their military regime was toppled in August 1985, 30 years ago.

The Peace Committee should stop whipping-up sentiments about the probe and allow justice to take its natural course. Whoever is aggrieved or dissatisfied with the outcome of an investigation could seek reliefs from the court, which is open to all. The probe is across party lines, President Buhari has assured. Therefore, nobody has anything to fear if his or her hands are clean. The ambience of peace we now enjoy was attained by team effort, not just the Peace Committee. The international community, especially American President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister, David Cameron, played commendable roles.

I contributed to the success of the transition
by resisting pressures to go to court to stop the general elections because of INEC’s refusal to allow our party, Fresh Democratic Party, FRESH, participate in the elections, despite the court verdict that voided
the de-registration of our great party. I knew that a successful move to halt the elections would favour the PDP, which was facing imminent defeat from a determined and cohesive opposition, APC. The PDP would have been grateful if anyone was able to stall the polls. It would have had a valid excuse to stay in power to continue to cover its tracks.

Former President Jonathan feigned ignorance of INEC’s intransigence in perpetuating the illegal act of disobeying a court order to relist our party and allow it to take part in the elections. He condoned the abuse of
power and flagrant contempt for the rule of law displayed by the electoral agency; but now out of power, and at the receiving end of a new order that has restored individual liberties, Jonathan is campaigning for the corporate respect of the rule of law. What goes up must come down.

• Rev Okotie, a Pastor-Politician wrote from Lagos. okotie@revchrisokotie.com follow on twitter @Revchrisokotie

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  • 2015 president

    Pls can some body ask the author if he has return emeka wife ?

  • ada711

    Well researched and reasoned write up as always. Why should the so called Peace Committee put the cart before the horse?
    Also their argument that GEJ should be “commended” for conceding defeat in an election that he clearly lost does not hold water. Should he have insisted on maintaining his hold on power when Nigerians decided otherwise?

  • Wolex

    @2015 President

    Did he kidnap Emeka’s wife?

  • Well only in Nigeria can this happened, the Peace comity job to me has finished after the election, they have no business coming to distract the President. We are in new Nigeria now with a Leader with integrity , God will guard him in creating a new nation we will be proud of , now need to be lining up at every embassy for visa.

  • Ebaah Odibo

    Pastor Chris Okotie, this one wey Emeka Ike say you dey hold him wife nko? Clear yourself first before you judge others. Anyway, did the Lord Christ venture into politics? Last time I checked the Lord said his Kingdom is not part of the World. How come you want to be President or show predilection to any President of any part of the World where you are to be an impartial ambassador.?

    • akpo

      That emeka Ike is a black-mailer.Does he want Rev.Okotie to compel his wife to return to him.Marriage is based on mutual agreement.He can seek redress in the law court for whatever grievance he has against Rev.Okotie. By going to the press,he is out to bear pressure on Okotie so his wife could return to him and you have fallen to his tricks.

      As for Chris Okotie coming to politics;there was a time an opinion pool was conducted in the this country through
      network providers for the masses to chose the best candidate for the position of president of Nigeria. Among the candidates where G. Onosode,Gen.Babaginda,Chris Okotie etc.The man who won the pool result was Rev.Okotie.

      Even Babaginda respected the result.He said of all the candidates who were on the race for the seat of the president,he picked Chris Okotie as the most qualified for the seat.Take or leave it. Babaginda is as yet a living

      Why is it that the truth hurts some Nigerians.Your opinion is laced with a mess of potage eaten during the reign of the prodigal son of Nigeria.

      Some people are threatened by the name Chris Okotie. Since they cannot fault him. They resort to baseless references in the bible about Jesus Christ not being in politics during his time on earth. The problem of Nigeria is
      corruption. Is it not better to have a pastor who cannot be accused of embezzling public fund to be president of this
      country. Our politicians lack this quality.It is very difficult to absolve any politician of corruption who have held public office in this country. This is where Chris Okotio is miles apart from them.

      The world is dynamic.We are no longer living in the era of Jesus when the JEWS cannot aspire to be an emperor
      of Rome since they were subject to the Romans. The Jews were no citizens of Rome. Chris Okotie is a citizen of this country.Therefore,let no one henceforth say any pastor cannot be in politics.The Bible also say the people
      rejoices when the righteous rules; righteousness exalt a Nation.

      • Mathew

        Is like you are on entertainer’s pay roll. Which black-mailer? Emeka Ike’s wife thought she was seeking solace in the house of God before they tangled together in the name of counselling her, from there one thing led to another. She hired a SAN and paid him very well to ensure that marriage is divorced, so that he can take over as usual.

  • Perrymarvis2014

    Pastor Chris Okotie has written and he has written well. A brilliant mind who is being misunderstood, but you need to go close to him to appreciate his brilliance. He has said it all, PDP and GEJ must not fear if their hands are clean. But we all know their hands are any thing but clean. PMB should go ahead and expose the criminals that ran our country aground in the last sixteen years of locust. We are behind you. The peace committee has a hidden agenda and they have been exposed for what they are: hypocrites.

  • New Nigerian

    I Concur,,,..Peace committee should disband while the ovation is loudest …the work they set out for themselves is done, they can regroup in the next general election if there is need to, and yes we the people, not just the peace committee, contributed and are still contributing – time, money, resources to see to a successful transition of Nigeria to a better society of deepening democracy and rule of law.

    Every one of those individuals have enough heft to seek audience with the President and if granted give him their advice – they should stay off trying to steal the limelight or try to launder soiled images or if you will circumvent rule of law.

  • Izeobor

    I think :Pastor” Chris Okotie’s write-up is self-serving. The peace committee did not ask Buhari not to probe GEJ but to be fair in his “witch hunting” {emphasis mine}. Okotie was not a baby when OBJ, IBB, Abacha, and even Buhari were exhibiting recklessness in one way or the other. Okotie never raised an eyebrow. What is wrong with Buhari “probing” all corrupt past administrations? Why GEJ’s alone? I support investigating corrupt leaders if “anything” would come out of it and in a fair manner. In Okotie’s “Church” or “Cult”. I think fairness should be pleasing to The Almighty.

    • Mathew

      God bless you, IBB and his late wife won series of award on that his yearly fake project award he runs in 90s. Home breaker. He has break several homes.

  • iloani

    How did this Pastor Chris Okotie whom I learnt could not even maintain a household with a wife nemass his wealth ?. He need to be probed to find out the source of his wealth as a pastor.. God have mercy, can we imagine ?, he was and still is one of those that want to govern Nigerian when he could not even “govern” his house own hold. Just go away and enjoy your ill-gotten wealth if you can .

  • Izeobor

    Akpo, you seem to be one of those Nigerians that are held captive by blind religious ignorance. You really believe “pastors” cannot embezzle funds! When you mentioned IBB as a role model for measuring honesty, I rested my case. Try and remove the clog preventing you from seeing clearly. You were reading accusations from a self-made “pastor/reverend” against other reverend gentlemen and you still believe fastidiously that “pastor” Chris Okotie is the best president Nigeria never had. A test will be to send your wife to stay overnight under this “pastor’s” supervision.

  • durumi

    “Bishop Kukah in his apologetic prolixity describes Jonathan’s governmental enterprise, inter alia, as ‘’fantastic.’’ To my sanctified mind, this is not only imaginary but approaches the periphery of phantasmagoria.”
    I agree with you!
    This committee wants to continue “bon hommie suyaing, pepper-souping and big-stouting” with the presidency. somebody should tell them that “there is a new sheriff in town” and his name is Buhari.

  • Mathew

    There is nothing brilliance in what this controversial man said here. What he said is just trash. It is not an organization or even registered. A group of eminent personalities group themselves together for promotion of peace in Nigeria is now source worries to entertainer okotie the home breaker. He is looking for relevance. He should go and respond to people he snatched their wife. Why Nigerian are getting unnecessary worry over non issue. Giving entertainer Chris boy Okotie all the accolades he does not deserve.

    • Okuoka Emmanuel

      Has he said the truth? That should be the judgement of the excerpt if you read it. Nigerians awake your reasonnings!!!!

  • emmanco

    This write up is an abuse of simple english language. Nigerians should learn to write with simple English command rather than engaging in tautology. His point was consumed by jargons eg. “periphery of phantasmagoria”, “valleys of mundane terrestrials”. I am not impressed with big words especially when they disagree with the intended point. I understand Professor Wole Soyinka than these wanna be’s