Why Is Buhari After Dasuki?



IT is becoming obvious that President Muhammadu Buhari may be on a revenge mission.  Within his barely 100 days in office, he has focused more than a passing attention on those who worked with his predecessor, Dr Goodluck Jonathan. He has set a machinery in motion for the probe of the Jonathan administration. He has asked the anti graft agencies to commence a probe of individuals who worked under Jonathan.

Beyond that, he has dispossessed the ex government officials of whatever paraphernalia of office that is left with them, including their diplomatic passports. All of this would not have mattered, but Buhari’s disposition shows that he is out to witch hunt, cutting the image of an avenger whose anger does not wane with time.

We can infer this from Buhari’s determination to hunt down Col. Sambo Dasuki (rtd.), the former National Security Adviser (NSA). Using Lawal Daura, who is the Director General of the Department of State Services (DSS), Buhari is shooting randomly at those he perceives as his enemies.
Nigerians are still astounded by the invasion of the private residences of Dasuki in Abuja and Sokoto. Daura, acting on orders from above, had sent a detachment of DSS operatives to lay siege to Dasuki’s houses. They turned the houses upside down in search of anything and everything incriminating. They took away vehicles and other things that appealed to them.
Then they went ahead to accuse Dasuki of treason and felony, illegal possession of fire arms, corruption and abuse of power, among other heinous crimes.

Then, DSS operatives placed Dasuki on house arrest, after confiscating his travel documents. Weeks later, they charged him to court for unlawful possession of fire arms. Today, Dasuki is standing trial in an Abuja High Court.

Again, Daura invaded Akwa Ibom Government House. That was strange indeed. An invasion of one government by another in a democracy? That is an oddity. Ordinarily, every state government is autonomous in its own right. The Constitution defines for the federal government and the states their spheres of influence. In a federation such as ours, the federal government is not supposed to ride roughshod over any state government. But it is happening under Buhari .

If this had happened under military rule, Nigerians would have understood. They are used to the military and their bravado. But in democratic rule, the government is supposed to be that of the people, by the people and for the people. It is under this supposed civil atmosphere that Dasuki’s basic and fundamental freedoms were curtailed.

A democratic government breaking into people’s homes at will without regard to their fundamental human rights. A democratic government despoiling the very instruments upon which democracy is founded. Are state governments supposed to be afraid of the federal government? No; rather, they should have mutual respect for each other. None should trample upon the other. When did we descend into dictatorship?

In order to locate the reason for the action, feelers began to emerge from those who know Buhari too well. They whispered that we should have been more imaginative. They reminded us that it was Col. Dasuki who arrested Buhari when he was overthrown in 1985 as military Head of State. We were also reminded that Dasuki played a key role in the coup that ousted Buhari. The conclusion then was that Buhari, 30 years after, was still nursing ill feelings against Dasuki.

This realization surprised many. They wondered why Buhari was living in the past. They wondered if the president had no job to do other than witchhunt  his enemies, real or imagined. Does it then mean that Buhari of 1985 is the same Buhari of 2015? Is it really true that the leopard cannot change its spot? This was part of the debate during the Buhari campaigns.

When he was canvassing for our votes, those who know him warned that Buhari would not change; that it was unnatural to expect Buhari to change in old age. We were reminded that people do not change in old age. If anything, they are more fixated. Buhari is still the rigid, dogmatic fundamentalist who does not change his ways.

But then, Buhari is doubly wrong by hunting Dasuki. The retired Colonel did not do anything wrong either then or now. In 1985, he was driven by the line of duty. The military were in charge then. Buhari as head of state did not live up to expectations. He did not know what governance was all about. He groped in the dark, and Buhari had to be shown the way out. Dasuki happened to be one of the gallant officers who rescued Nigeria; nobody should vilify him for it.

After all, Buhari himself was a coup plotter. He overthrew the government of Alhaji Shehu Shagari. Nobody has ostracized him on account of that. And Shagari, being a good-spirited man, has since forgiven Buhari.

That was why Buhari had the face to visit Shagari in Sokoto during the campaigns to ask for the old man’s support. Can Buhari extend this grace to those who stepped on his toes? Hardly. That is why he is still seeing Dasuki with the eyes of 1985. Somebody should tell the president to forget vendetta and face governance. Time is running out on him.
Prof. Handel writes from Awka, Anambra State.

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  • Truth Hurts

    What a stupid low life professor you are. Writing like a third grade pupil, what a shameful analysis you have presented, i wonder and doubt if you have indeed doctored in any field

    • Olugbenga Oluboye

      Truth Hurts like the meaning of your name, please take it easy on “Prof” he is doing what he was paid to do, to give credit and legitimacy to the composition led to the title “Prof”.

  • Ahmad

    Ignorance that’s why are graduate are failling a prof. Is writing this shame on him

    • marked


  • Unbiased

    I wonder if our dear “Prof.” reviewed his publication for interpretation. Clearly he must have thought he was directing this article to a bunch of ignoramus, gullible enough to embrace a lopsided story as this.

  • Abu Lawal

    Burhari is taking us to 1984
    He has to work as a team rather than being the dictator that he is. Why are nigerian surprised…?

  • Garden-City Boy

    They were warned about the devil incarnate they were about to hand power to.

  • Cornelius Oluseyi Ogunsalu

    Whoever wrote this article either lacks knowledge of constitutional law or is one of those PDP loudmouths who see nothing good in Buhari’s presidency. Maybe both! Officials under Jonathan MUST give back ALL the “paraphernalia of office” because holding on to them will constitute federal crimes. Imagine a former minister of justice under Jonathan and the new minister of justice under Buhari arriving at JFK or Heathrow airports at the same time and both of them tendering diplomatic passports to the SAME office in Nigeria. You can imagine the embarrassment to the Nigerian government if the former minister of justice is processed through first and the current minister of justice is delayed for questioning. Your lack of knowledge of Constitutional Law is the reason why you do not realize that IF a FEDERAL CRIME is committed in a state government house or premises, FEDERAL AGENTS have the federal and constitutional mandate to enter the state government house or premises to arrest the governor if he was directly implicated in the federal crime. Buhari is NOT acting as a military dictator . . . till date he has followed the letter of the Nigerian Constitution as it is presently written and hopefully will be able to set up the right governance climate in Nigeria to effect appropriate constitutional amendments to do away with some of the clauses within the Nigerian Constitution that were inserted to allow CORRUPTION to THRIVE during the oil boom. As for your arguments about Buhari going after looters and criminals from the Jonathan administration . . . are you suggesting they should be left alone and allowed to get away with their treasonous crimes?

  • Cornelius Oluseyi Ogunsalu

    Prof. Handel??? You are probably a high school dropout at best! Show your face . . . and your credentials! Assuming Ducor Handel is really your name!!

    • O B

      people should be judge by the content of their character not always about educational qualification.afterall, MR Bilgate was a high school dropout .Not to mention couple of others who are world decision makers today. drop this i too know attitude afterall not very educated person is successful and lets address our issues with no sentiments

  • Francesca Stewart

    Has retired Colonel Dasuki been harmed or has he complained? President Buhari and Colonel Dasuki are both retired military experienced men. They know each other better than the writer of the above article. If you were the President, will you not watch your back considering what happened between them in the past as stated in the article? I think it is best to be careful, that is not hunting in my opinion.
    If the Colonel has done nothing or is planning nothing, probing and searching his houses by DSS is just a procedural exercise to ensure whatever prompt the action. I think that some people need to be broad minded, try analysing and evaluating situation/s without perceiving only the negative.

    The writer needs to know what being an excellent highest military rank personnel entails. It is part of their discipline not to take anything for granted, be proactive and be prepared amongst others. The President is now a civilian, but with military discipline.
    Regarding the invasion of the Government House by DSS, if they have acted outside their jurisdiction, the right procedure should be taken lodge complaint.

  • Tayo Akin

    Is yours a Nigerian name ? Looks like this a pseudo personality. Your article is below par in intelligence rating. Buhari does not need to pursue Dansuki before law is applied to every Nigerian equally, if Dasuki is in breach of the law, he should be prosecuted and punished if found guilty.

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    Hello Prof. Handel.
    My interest in your article was not so much instigated by the lack of substance and quality of your argument but the name you chose to write with.

    My suspicion is that you are fake. I ‘googled’ your name, Handel and I came up with 172,000,000 results the most popular being George Handel; whose most famous work is the 1714 oratorio Messiah. I went further to find out if there was any Prof Handel or any publication under that name. Guess what? There were 14,300,000 results and not one was a Professor!

    My questions to you are:
    1. Have you ever published an article under this name?
    2. Are you German?
    If the answer to these are NO, then you have simply displayed the fraudulent nature characteristic of majority of PDP officials. Try and be creative in hiding your true nature next time.

    As for your article, its simply trash! Have a good day.

    PS. Ducor Handel is A HATCHET WRITER IN THE SUN and a GEJ lap dog.

  • Olami


  • Truth is bitter

    Professor Handel wrote “In order to locate the reason for the action, feelers began to emerge from those who know Buhari too well. They whispered that we should have been more imaginative. They reminded us that it was Col. Dasuki who arrested Buhari when he was overthrown in 1985 as military Head of State.” This is absolutely incorrect and intellectual laziness on the part of this “Professor”. The public will be better educated and informed if people restricts their comments to issues they are knowledgeable about. It was Colonels Lawan Gwadabe, Abubakar Umar and Abdulmumuni Aminu that arrested the then Major General Muhammadu Buhari in 1985 coup that toppled his government.

  • Ato Hentop

    Why Addressing yourself as a Prof? When you have no idea of the exclusive list of a Federal system of government. I am shocked many people do not want Nigeria to be as developed as other nations who were at economic par with our country decades ago. If this impostor believes in a decent society, what is Dasuki going to do with Nine bullet proof cars in a country where people lined up the street begging for food in the part of the country where he comes from? Nigeria needs Milidocracy to check the many evil politicians devouring Nigeria economy. Democracy could not work in a country where there are hawks and vampires. We need a little bit if democracy intertwine with military discipline since corrupt politicians and judges had made our judicial institutions moribund.
    Singapore today is one of the smallest countries in the world but, has if not the highest per capita income. When late Prime Minster Lee Kuan Yew though a civilian ruled Singapore with iron fist to instil discipline and transparency, opposition screamed blue murder, today they joined the world to eulogise the late leader for putting Singapore on a sound economic footing.
    We need such leader in Nigeria. These arm chair critics are the corrupt who would never want the status quo to change.
    President Buhari should only be focused and ignore those licking their wounds for losing to the popular mandate handed to APC. They failed the nation and they are condemned to the dustbin of history for ever.

    • powerbroker prince

      You’re talking absolute nonsense. Are those the only bullet proof cars in the country? Do u know the job of a national security adviser? Do u know how often they & other people they’re supposed to protect need to be disguised either in vehicles or even costumes? So Dasuki is the reason people are poor in sokoto. Instead of facing governance they’re chasing people all over the place. So why was Akwa Ibom govt house invaded?

      • Nazerine

        Educate him, please.

      • Alpa Edmond Goodman

        ,,,,,,,,,,,,You never told us a NATION where there is no POOR people ,,,,,,,,,,,,, be reasonable.

    • EBI De blessed

      Sorry for your ignorance,Nine bullet proof cars or not there has been poverty in Nigeria,and it will continue to be. it is clear that your President cant fix things right but to track down his age long enemies

    • Alpa Edmond Goodman

      ,,,,,,,,,,,, I read your post and i pray you remain HAIL and HEARTY to give us more of your candid opinions about our nations called Nigeria ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, thank you.

    • J. Trevor

      Are you a fool or an idiot?
      Did the Nigerian constitution specify any other system of governance than democarcy?

  • Emeka

    This is the most stupid and one sided write up ever. It is too idiotic that I will rather not dignify it with a comment

  • AA

    Well done. The APC and PMB e-mob will scream at you, but the point is very clear and has to be proven wrong. For all those who are attacking the writer, I ask a simple question: Is it constitutional for the DSS to storm the state house of a federating state? It is a simple question. Pls don’t bother to insult me; just answer the question.

  • eagleswing

    Rubbiiiiish !!! mistcheeeeeeew!!!!!

  • eagleswing

    To imagine i’d wasting my precious time to read this RUBBISH! It belong to a cabbage can. Professor indeed !!

  • Nazerine

    Buhari was a dictator. Buhari is a dictator. Buhari will continue to be a dictator. But Nigerians were warned during the electioneering campaigns. Nigeria is the only nation God saved from dictatorship but they willingly chose to go back to dictatorship.

  • EBI De blessed

    I am a living witness of the millitary brutality under Gen. Buhari as the head of state,am still alive to see another etopic democracy under the same Buhari,only God will help us

  • shehu

    Many thanks for your intellectual maturity, it’s better for Buhari to focus on important issues of the national interest than distraction. He’s making so much noise on fighting corruption and no action is being taken. Now that DSS is lacking proven evidences on allegations against Dasuki, it became evident that Buhari-led administration is only witch-hunting

  • J. Trevor

    And where are the brainless Nigerian ‘lawyers’ in all these? Probabably prostituting around the corridors of power for any crumbs they could pick. Yet to see any of them voice any opinion since Buhari told them to shut up ar the August conference.

  • evaristus udeani

    You should know that the Fulani man never forgives, but may play along with you for years until the day he will strike back at you.


    Dasuki from inception like his Uncle former Sultan ,is a man with inordinate Ambition to be President or more of it a greedy and selfish power broker,he need to be check mated like this one he find himself,while Buhari is an architect with a modern drowned public structure but find it very hard or taking him much time to actualized in an undulating land ,may he live long to start and complete for Nigerians to occupy with peace and prosperity