Nigeria’s economic woes have crept into America

Sir: It’s no longer news that the Nigerian Embassy in Washington is broke! Neither is it new, that the Nigerian economy is twice as broke, as the world’s most populous black nation is being ruled by an ailing “Work From Home” president, who’d rather be babysat for the remainder of his tenure, than concern himself much with the worrisome task of fixing the economy or taking into consideration, the politically ‘non-negotiable’ option of resigning.

While some Nigerians are gradually losing knowledge of what President Buhari looks like as a result of his seldom appearance on camera (well, out of sight is said to be out of mind), workers at the Nigerian Embassy in Washington continue to struggle to feed their families from the left-overs of their previous salaries which were last paid about five months ago!

As speculated, some aggrieved workers at the embassy, have allegedly decided to take a sabbatical from work pending payday, while some seemingly patriotic ones are holding on quite strongly, although threatening to rat on the embassy to the U.S.

Labour Department. As this embarrassing situation continues to ridicule what’s left of our country’s lanky reputation across the Atlantic, I suppose on the brighter side, it exposes the overwhelming rot in the Nigerian Foreign Affairs Ministry, right under the auspices of our ‘performing’ and recently nicknamed “Ghost president.”
Nimi Princewill

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