More Tragedy Worries

1Sir: For those who did not read my earlier published letter titled “How much can we stop tragedies?” in the August 28, 2015 edition, the thrust of it is that it is Sisyphean to stop tragedies.

And shortly after came a breaking news: A Nigerian Airforce helicopter crashed early hours of Saturday morning in Kaduna killing all seven on board! Is this not daring your editorial entitled “Saving lives in the air” published in your August 26, 2015 edition where you said “Too many lives have been lost unnecessarily as a result of air travel accidents. An end must be sought and found to such crashes?”

Probe into this latest one, as the Lagos accident has started. But it will be going through the motion. There is not much we can use from it. No use dwelling on emotions. The world spins round, we can’t control its motion. It is very much beyond our control. I am no doomsayer, but as I argued, what will be, will be. There’s nothing we can do about it. We can only say in Igbo, onwunbiko, death we implore you.

We once again pray for those, who lost their lives in this crash. And console their loved ones and friends. They remain alive, if only in blessed memory. Again, let’s take solace in the lyrics of Jim Reeves:
*Cosmas Odoemena, Lagos.

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