Merry Xmas

It is also a season of supplication to God and intercession for self, family and nation. Therefore, we need to remember to put our state (Edo), our region and the nation as a whole in prayers. Our state and country need peace, unity and the touch of God on the hearts of our leaders, so that they will be guided aright by the wishes and welfare of the people.

In Edo State, we must renew our supplication to God to bless our collective efforts to revive our state and to grant it the peace and unity necessary for its prosperity and progress. We must thank God for helping Edo State overcome those forces that have held it captive and made the people passive onlookers as they unleash mayhem on the land.

We remember our region in this season. We need to pray, so that all the stakeholders can imbibe the values of tolerance and patience as well as allow peace to reign in the region. This is a season to renounce violence and work towards the consolidation of the disarmament of the region, as a basis for the holistic solution promised by Mr. President.

We remember as always our country, this season. Nigeria is going through difficult and challenging times, which requires a decent, humane, tolerant and mature leader. This is why we encourage the people of Nigeria to continue to pray for the recovery of our president, Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, we in Edo State in particular are passionate about Mr. President’s recovery and return to office, because he has been very kind to us and has supported our efforts to restore her to glory.

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