Concerning pregnancy tests at NYSC camp

The standard of NYSC has fallen. The uniforms are shabby and give a poor representation of the corps members. In the South, NYSC officials insist on inviting neo-colonial agents of UNICEF to teach corps members how to wear condoms while denying abstinence groups the opportunity to address corps members. What follows after the condom lecture is an orgy of sex in corners of the NYSC camp. This happened in Lagos in 2005 when I served and my colleagues in Akwa Ibom, Cross River and Oyo states also observed the same thing.


Officials of NYSC seem preoccupied with making deals with the hawkers in the mammy markets, that is why goods are very expensive in the camp. Concerning the pregnancy test, it is a shame that doctors are involved in this inhuman act. I hope the Medical Association will address it. By the way, my own mother did her NYSC in 1976 when she was carrying me in her womb, so it is not true that today’s Nigerian graduates are more dishonest.

Martin Oluchukwu,

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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