Erosion In Anambra State

letterSIR: It is a known fact that Anambra State is one of the most ecologically damaged states in Nigeria. Erosion has rendered many homeless and made areas of fertile land useless while still threatening to eat-up the 4844km2 area of the states.

Over the years, huge financial resources have been sunk into erosion management and control in Anambra and there is still no abatement for the menace in the state. Anambra is 2nd with respect to population density in Nigeria. With population and erosion rapidly expanding, a future might exist in which they would not be enough land to cater for the expanding population.

At present, most of the erosion management has focused largely on post-erosion management, which does not recover lost land or properties as it mostly stops erosion site from spreading. We need to change approach and lay more emphasis on pre-erosion management. Most of the factors, which affect erosion in the state are natural and look insurmountable, but with dedication it is largely controllable.

In pre-erosion management the erosion is tackled head on before it even occurs and hence easily averted. Anambra has to invest funds in reading and controlling the early stage of erosion and monitoring each site and checking up any signs of splash, sheet and rill erosion quickly.
• Obi Emeka,
Awka, Anambra State.

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