Enough of intimidation and blackmail



SIR: The Committee for the Protection of Peoples Mandate (CPPM) condemns statements of intimidation and blackmail against the judiciary while discharging its constitutional responsibility, by enemies of democracy, peace and progress of the Nigerian state.

We have observed with shame the repeated and unconscionable assault and denigration of the temple of justice by enemies of democracy who don’t wish the country and democracy well through campaign of calumny and blackmail in order to cause public disaffection against the judiciary, which remains the last hope of the common man.

We are all living witness to how an elected governor, who even before being sworn into office, led thugs and vagabonds to desecrate the temple of justice by assaulting and attacking judges through acts of brigandage in order to prevent the court from sitting and hearing a case questioning his eligibility to stand for election and to our eternal shame, he got away with that infraction of the constitution and assault on our democracy.

These anti-democratic elements have now become emboldened to embark on assaulting our democracy, constitution and collective psyche by their unguarded statements to intimidate and denigrate the judiciary before and immediately the Akwa Ibom and Rivers states governorship elections tribunals gave their verdicts with regards to the conduct of the April 11, 2015 elections in the two states.

Even though, these elements were very much aware of the windows of opportunity of appeal provided by the constitution to seek redress if they are dissatisfied with the ruling of a court or tribunal, which they have done now, they still went to town, casting aspersions on the honour and integrity of the courts, with the likelihood of undermining democracy and integrity as civilised people before the eyes of the people.

We also condemn the dishonourable conduct by the lawmakers who accompanied Senate President Bukola Saraki to his trial, by not observing public decorum, which they are supposed to exhibit.

Under no circumstance will we allow any irresponsible, barbaric, provocative and undemocratic intimidation and blackmail of the judiciary to go unchallenged.
• Nelson Ekujumi,
Executive Chairman,

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