‘Why President may not win anti-graft war’



HOWEVER good the intention, the fight against corruption by the President Muhammadu Buhari administration risks being futile except government tackles primordial and regional sentiments plaguing the country, a famous Port Harcourt-based tele-evangelist, David Ibiyeomie, has declared.

The cleric observed that corruption in Nigeria was so endemic that it would require the country having a visionary leader who is devoid of tribal and regional sentiments to solve the problem.

Ibiyeomie, while speaking on the theme: “Financial Success” in Port Harcourt, said God had revealed to him that the Buhari administration cannot solve the problem of corruption, saying ongoing anti-graft fight was “merely an All Progressives Congress (APC) propaganda.”

The clergyman explained that the seed of corruption was sown by the colonial masters by dividing the nation along regional lines before independence, thus inculcating in the psyche of modern Nigerians regional and tribal consciousness.

According to him, this made it impossible for Nigerians to be objective in their assessing of the political leadership since 1960.

Ibiyeomie noted that Buhari couldn’t stop corruption because he has been part of the Nigerian political system, adding that the President has “not been able to purge himself of tribal or regional sentiments based on his recent key appointment of principal officers.”

He explained that the British government before lowering the Union jack flag ensured that Nigerians remained a divided people who would rather choose to identify themselves first by tribes and not citizenship.

The cleric argued that this sort of consciousness explained why political leaders always discard merit for parochial considerations in the allocation of key political positions.

He urged Nigerians to pray to God to give the country a visionary leader who will be able to galvanise everyone for a new Nigeria.

Ibiyeomie asserted that the root cause of corruption remained tribalism, stating that everyone who assumes political position first and foremost think of how to enrich his or her kinsmen at the detriment of the rest of the country.

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  • OkwuBndu

    Evangelist David Ibiyeomie thank you very much for getting to the root of the problem of Nigerian Corruption. Yes it takes voices like yours maybe to get our country men to begin to reason objectively about what some of us has been saying all along, that to really solve the problem of Nigerian Corruption , you must get to the roots. Any clear hearted and objective Nigerian must agree with you that “except government tackles primordial and regional sentiments plaguing the country…” the President may not win the anti-graft war, which “require the country having a visionary leader who is devoid of tribal and regional sentiments to solve the problem”. A problem whose seed was sown by the colonial invaders making it “impossible for Nigerians to be objective in their assessing of the political leadership since independence”. And Evangelist, for you to conclude that “the root cause of corruption remained tribalism” and that “Buhari couldn’t stop corruption because he has been part of the Nigerian political system…the President has not been able to purge himself of tribal or regional sentiments based on his recent key appointment of principal officers ” is to me the height of honest and courageous outing by you. Please keep it up for only truth can set us free.

    • Atunai

      PMB may not be able to stop this age-long epidemic but at least he is not making it worse like the previous administration. If Jonathan’s administration had gone in this direction even with “tribal & regional sentiments”, we would have been a better nation by the time PMB took over. Let’s learn to appreciate the little change we have seen which is definitely better than where we are coming from! Moreso, we are not the only nation colonized by the British Government. Our destiny is in our hands. God bless Nigeria.

      • OkwuBndu

        Yes for your argument, but why is Jonathan being denied the ccontributions he made towards fighting corruption , which is as you said, an age long epidemic. And what had made it an age long epidemic? All still boils down to tribalism and regional sentiments, which is what the Evangelist is confronting here. Jonathan was being attacked from day one by those who felt power must return to the north. In fact they found it difficult to accept him as the President when Yar’dua passed on even though Jonathan was not responsible for the misfortune. All those attitudes are manifestations of tribalism and regional sentiments, the basis of Nigerian Corruption. So we must face the issues if we are to fight corruption meaningfully and win it. Dancing around it is mere wishful thinking.

      • wovijide

        This is where the clergy is right. Tribalism makes it difficult for you to see that the Jonathan administration fought corruption to a stand still in the fertiliser distribution chain. Tribalism makes you to be blind from seeing that the treasury single account, (TSA), Integrated personnel payment system (IPPS) and Govt integrated financial management system GIFMS, were all introduced by the Jonathan administration. That administration saved N500bn in 2014 through the implementation of the TSA. Please hit these acronyms on your Google search engine to know that people like you have been uncharitable to the past administration in refusing to acknowledge it’s achievements due to despiration and tribalism which is the point the clergy is emphasising here.

  • Peter_Edo

    that is stupid. wasn’t Ghana still parted by the colonial masters? all these jonathanians should go and sleep

    • OkwuBndu

      Mr Peter_Edo, yes Ghana was parted by the colonial masters! But note that Ghana seem to have sorted themselves out. But what’s keeping Nigeria down up till now? That’s the question the Evangelist is confronting…tribalism and undue regional sentiments. If you disagree with that submission, please then present your alternative argument for us to consider and learn from. Labelling ppeople “jonathanians” does not in any way add sense to the issues of fighting corruption and winning the fight for the general good of Nigerians.

      • Peter_Edo

        bros it IS NOT TRIBALISM OR ANY OTHER VICE, IT IS INDISCIPLINE AND CORRUPTION. That is why amongst the 50 senators that accompanied sarathief today you would find every goe-political zone represented, the biggest parties in Nigeria (PDP and APC) represented and the two major religions in Nigeria (Christians and Muslims) represented.

        • OkwuBndu

          Then what is indiscipline and what is corruption? Both are the same thing. Indiscipline is corruption and corruption is indiscipline, which is the inability to do what you are supposed to do when and how you are supposed to do it. Then, what fuels such laxity in people? The basic human folly. But the problem gets entrenched when some having benefited from the corruption using tribal sentiments, they still use the same sentiments to maintain their leverage even though the benefits end up in their pockets. So if a leader can rise above those primordial sentiments, he can then be fair to all irrespective of region or tribe of his citizens. That’s the argument.

          • Peter_Edo

            20 gboza for this man!!!

      • Peter_Edo

        the term Jonathanians refers to people blinded either on purpose or worse instigated by the old way of doing things a la stealing is not corruption

        • OkwuBndu

          What is the old ways of doing things? Who enthroned those old ways of doing things? And why did it become the so called “Nigerian way” ? Have you not seen that the corrupt Unitary system we fraudulently call Federal is the foundation that entrenched the old ways of doing things? And who and which people have been against changing that corrupt system? And why? Regional sentiments ! Of course when the exponents succeed, it goes into their private pockets. But they ride on the wings of tribal sentiments.

      • Biod

        Mr OkwuBndu, if we want to be honest with ourselves Nigeria’s greatest problem is corruption, not tribalism. Tribalism wouldnt have allowed the nation to have different leaders from different parts of the country at different points in time. Regional sentiments would have ensured that the largest tribal group continues to be perpetuated in power like you have in Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda. But between 1971 and now, Nigeria has been ruled by Gowon (Middle Belt minority), Mohammed (Northern Hausa), Obasanjo (Yoruba) Shagari (Hausa), Buhari (Northerner), Babangida (Middle Belt), Abacha (Northerner), Shonekan (Yoruba), Abdulsalam (Middle Belt?), Obasanjo (Yoruba), Yar Ardua (Northerner), and Jonathan (South-South). Which one of these governments was absolutely devoid of corruption? Each of them merely had different levels of corruption. It is unanimously agreed by international historians and academics that the level of corruption in Nigeria was highest during Babangida and Jonathan’s regimes – incidentally both of them leaders from minority tribes.

        • OkwuBndu

          Thank you Mr Biod. You see the corruption was fueled by tribalism. That’s why the Nigerian system finds it difficult to throw up the right and competent leadership right from independence, the results of which we are seeing it’s effects today. The fundamental level of corruption is inability or refusing to do what one is supposed to do when and how one is supposed to do so. And why has this been so in Nigeria? Tribal and regional sentiments ! Corruption is not an entity by itself, something drives it. So that something that drives the Nigerian Corruption is what we should be after if we’re to make a head way.

          • Biod

            Tribalism, I agree might be part of the equation, but lets ask ourselves. Is it tribalism that prevents one from doing what one should do when its supposed to be done? No, its corruption. Is it tribalism that allows propels every minister, judge, civil servant and police officer in Nigeria to collect bribe and deny justice to the innocent, award over-inflated contracts, arrest a driver with proper documents while turning the face away when armed robbers are carrying out broad daylight robberies? No its corruption. Were there not Ibos, Yorubas and Hausas serving prominent roles (as ministers, commissioners and directors) in each of every government the nation has had since independence? Was Abiola’s son (Kola) not openly dating IBB’s dauther even at the height of 1993 post-election unrest? Were Uche Chukwumerije and Alao Arisekola not one of Abacha’s most trusted henchmen is their heydeys? I tell you, the despicable, corrupt ruling class in Nigeria cuts across all the tribes.

          • OkwuBndu

            Please let’s get the argument right. The human mentality is by its nature corrupt, but it finds convenient sentiments to further it’s corrupt tendencies. These sentiments include but not limited to selfishness, greed, lacking, poverty, etc. Tribalism as a higher level of selfishness that would only have one of his own to benefit, has been found to be one of the fundamental drivers of the Nigerian Corruption system appears to be a key factor among the other sentiments, even though the fruits of corruption ends in the pocket of the individual irrespective of tribe. So to stem the tide of corruption, tribalism that seem to have fueled Nigeria’s leadership errors should be dealt with. No one is discounting the other sentiments. But tribalism seems to have dealt badly with Nigeria.

        • max

          Mr Biod where did u get your info? there is nothing like unanimous agreement on the government that is most corrupt in Nigeria. it is only beer palour gossip. maybe you can qoute the authorities that make such assertions. also your assertions that people from the minorities are the most corrupt is fallacious. Gowon is also from the minority whereas Abacha is from Kano which is core north. Tribalism breeds corruption if you dont know

    • Carruth

      You think Ghana does not have issues with corruption?

      Is that not what Rawlings claimed to be fighting against all the while lining his own pockets.

      How about today? Are Ghanaians happy with Mahama?

  • shola

    Give this man the time he needs. And don’t forget: Nobody is perfect.

  • British left more than 55 yrs ago. Our destiny is in our own hands. Immediately after the British left, Nigeria slide straight back into ‘self enslavement’ by the semi-illiterates with guns for another 45 yrs. They foisted themselves on us, un-elected and they entrenched corruption and impunity. Buhari is part of the generation of idiots that ruined our nation.

  • williams. N.

    My dear Evangelist, How i wish that God who spoke this solemn TRUTH through you will compell President Buhari and his people to read this your message. I agree with you that it is all political propoganda. You can not eradicate corruption as a president in a nation by allowing VERY corrupt politicians to sponsor your election with ill gotten wealth OR appoint only those in your village or tribe to key offices……….forget it. It is all witch hunting propaganda. God bless you my Evangelist.

  • New Nigerian

    This evangelist should keep his day job. He is out to pasture on what he is talking about here, with due respect. Folks don’t take your legal case to a doctor…blame yourself and not the doctor for a bungled case.

    You don’t just lie down and wait for death, you try changing things & die trying. Corruption definitely would be killed before it kills Nigeria.

  • Izedomi Ohirein

    What is important is for Buhari to start the process & set the standards for fight against corruption.
    Corruption is entrenched in Nigeria. It is an evil that has developed over years. The war against corruption can not be worn in 4yrs.
    I love to see Buhari set the standard & step down in 2019.
    It is a battle for all well meaning Nigerians to win against the agents of doom, corruption & retrogression.

    • Paul Haanongon

      My co-compatriot, you spoke my mind. Corruption has been with us over time and it will not be practically possible to completely root it out in four years. Since Buhari has the zeal more than any other person so far known, let us pray God to give him good health and longer days so that he can lay and foundation and start the real building beyond 2019. May GOD hear our cry in JESUS name, Amen!

      • Izedomi Ohirein


    • O B

      please my brother.we really need to define corruption before we now know whether bohari is in the right direction or not.favouring ur kinsmen more than respecting the constituton which demands federal character in affairs of the nation is what? abuse of office.and what is abuse of ofice,corruption. my brother.bohari is corrupt. he is not that messiah we were waiting for. open your mind and your heart so that we can embrace the truth.thanks

      • Izedomi Ohirein

        Saraki & Lamido are both Northerners. Late Saraki & Bukola made that clear to us many times.
        CCT prosecuted Tinubu about 2012, found him not guilty, discharged & acquitted him.
        What is happening in EFCC, ICPC & CCT are direct result of the willingness of Buhari to fight corruption unlike Jonathan who appeared to be supporting corruption.
        Please don’t mind Bukola, crying of being singled out or victimized.
        He has a chance & resources to defend himself like Tinubu defended himself, when Jonathan was President. No one is above the law.
        I will not cry for any Edo Man held accountable for looting our commonwealth. Our Children, youths & Senior citizens need those money they steal more than the public officers who turn themselves to public thieves.

        • O B


          • Izedomi Ohirein

            Lets support Buhari. He is doing the right things today – Jonathan could not do.
            I supported Jonathan until late 2012, I realised that he was hope misplaced.
            What I expect from Buhari are – fight boko haram, armed robbers, Biafra trouble makers & Niger delta Oil thieve.
            1 free school meal for our children, 100% finance for self employment for our youths & N5,000 per month for our senior citizens.
            Nigeria should have no business importing Petrol, Rice, Tomatoes, Chicken & Fish ETC. Jonathan financed subsidising importation of these products instead of financing our youths & people to produce & process them.
            These projects will create millions of jobs for Nigerians & will pay for itself. They are all products we should be exporting.

  • Li

    Pareto talked about 80-20 principle.
    I believe we can start dealing with things at the root.
    First, let there be a public declaration of all those who own oil blocs and Oil mining leases and let us know how they acquired it.
    After that we can then go to other areas of our national life.
    Then i will be persuaded that we are interested in dealing with corruption.

    Secondly, nothing breeds corruption like the absence of resource control.
    As long as certain parts of Nigeria will sit and wait monthly to share oil revenue (FAC);
    people who do not so much as know how crude oil looks or the effects of it exploration on host communities, there can never be an end to corruption.
    Corruption was birthed with unitary system of governance and will rein until Nigerian units get productive instead of hiding behind a unitary system of governance masquerading itself as a federal structure.
    He who will not work, let him not eat.

  • canopy1

    Thanks for this write-up and also for the information BUT
    Instead of praying for yet another visionary leader for Nigeria, we should pray that God should make incumbent President Buhari that very visionary leader that we need. We want to experience positive changes in Nigeria right from present. You will agree with me that people with the standard of Buhari’s ‘good moral standing’ are very few these days, why then can’t we support him and pray for the success of his Government instead of looking/waiting/hoping hopelessly and indefinitely for a Messianic leader that may not even come eventually and while corruption continues to get worse. Buhari has always been a steady and winning fighter and we should pray for him to win this war as well. Wherever he eventually stops, another good leader will take the war from there to a higher level/height. We should always pray that God should give him the strength, power (spiritual and physical), courage, zeal, wisdom, right cabinet members and all it takes to win this war. This should be our stand, prayer and action regarding President Buhari, his Government and Nigeria instead of highlighting his negative qualities just for the purpose of discouragement. Optimism and appreciation matter a lot.

    • OkwuBndu

      Yes Mr. Canopy1, while we should pray for President Buhari to succeed and show appreciation for his character traits, we must also stand firm in the realization that the fight against corruption can never be won on the basis of selective justice system, double standards and partiality based on ethnic, peer group, or regional sentiments. Whoever has defrauded the society ought to be faced equally as the other, devoid of manipulations. Otherwise, the effort will loose credibility that becomes something else. That’s what natural equity demands.

      • canopy1

        Thanks very much my brother for your response and I want you to know that I totally agree with you in principle but the fact still remains that if Buhari’s regime can just start doing a thorough so called ‘selective justice’ to certain selected corrupt people now, and other subsequent Governments also do their own selective justice to People they believe have looted Nigeria, there will come a time that all the corrupt People will have been dealt with.
        We should also remember that the People being accused of corruption are actually corrupt, they are not innocent and they are not Saints that are being accused wrongly. From Maiduguri to Lagos, what is bad is bad.
        In order to tackle corruption or move forward in life or get to a destination, we have to start the journey from somewhere. We should let that journey start from here, now and by this present Government irrespective of how selective the anti-graft war may appear to be. There will always be room for adjustments, corrections and amendments. The starting point of anything in life is always very difficult as it will be bombarded with plenty of arguments, discouragements, frustration, complaints, biasness, divided supports, interests and thoughts and obstacles just like this Buhari’s anti-graft war that has been termed to be selective.
        People generally cannot but find fault in what someone does whether that thing being done is right or wrong.
        It may not be possible to get a perfect leader for now who will correct all the ills of our society but we can manage with the one we have now who has showed more interest in fighting the war than any other in the recent past.
        Please consider these phrases “No one is perfect”, “The starting point is the most difficult”, “There is always room for adjustment”, “People must talk and find faults”, “Corrupt People are not innocent”, “Just start from somewhere”, “What is bad is bad” irrespective of who does it” and see if throwing our weights behind Buhari is not the best thing to do now in order to leave a good and long lasting legacy behind.

  • amador kester

    The primordial problem of the nation is a corrupt judiciary and the problem with the judiciary is the bench.Until comprehensive judicial reforms are made forget the war on corruption as the corrupt forces will team up with a corrupt judiciary to technically launch counter attacks boldly..A lawless nation is as good as virtually moribund existentially
    Real nations are ruled by law since govts come and go.The five flexible canons of legal interpretations gave our judges much room for flagrant and deliberate miscarriage of justice.If the anticorruption war fails the most populous black nation that lost the 20 th century to corruption will be set to waste the 21 st century.The consequences could be abominable

  • Paul Haanongon

    Ibiyeomie, first I don’t think you are a genuine prophet (man of God). And I believe God did not make any revelation to you. Your contention is based on your perceived hatred for Buhari who has refused to stash dollars to ” men of God ” like you the way Jonathan was doing. If you are accusing Buhari of neglecting some sections( south-east/ibos) of the country in key appointments so far made, who is the DG NNPC. Which appointment so far is more lucrative than this?

    • Yemmy

      Appointment lucrative?You are indeed ready or change!!!hypocrite.

      • Paul Haanongon

        Based on Ibo mentality, appointment could be lucrative or juicy. If you want to see a corrupt person, ask the Ibos.

  • imagine_2012

    Nigeria is simply undevelopable

  • wealthboats

    Thank you Pastor for this Revelation. I don’t know the type of sacrifice that APC had done that is making people to praise them even if they are doing the wrong things. I never see a new government anywhere in the world that will prioritize corruption than governance like this. To the extent that they are now witch haunting themselves politically. It is my pray that God will give us visionary leader by 2019.

  • chooka


  • chooka

    The highest sponsors of corruption in Nigeria is the Church. Nigerian churches encourage their members to bring huge sums of money to the church in exchange for blessings. Most churches don’t care how you make money as long you bring a lot of it to them. The churches also glorify rich people at the expense of righteous people. Until the churches begin to condemn our get-rich quick and greedy appetite, corruption will continue to thrive.

  • canopy1

    Ride and fire on Mr Buhari, God will give and grant you the wherewithal to fight and win this ‘anti-graft war’ for Nigerians, Nigeria, Africa and the World at large’. I have been awaiting a time like this and I am very happy that it is gradually emerging. God and the whole World are solidly behind you. Don’t mind the few who are trying to discredit you through propaganda. You will win this war, succeed in your regime and make Nigeria and Nigerians greater to the glory of God and to the everlasting shame of all the enemies of our progress. May God make the war easy for you to fight and win. Just continue to trust in God and follow your instinct.

  • Larry

    Don’t ever believe this man. He is not a pastor of the living God. Bloody liar. How did God spoke to him.
    Most Nigerian pastors are fake/fraud. How can a sensible person be saying this type of thing?



  • Caleb Olakigbe

    Mr Kelvin Ebiri,
    I would like you to aware what President (General) Buhari’s administration is trying to achieve, it is to reduce or minimise corruption, Gen. Buhari never tell Nigerians that he will stop corruption. Well, you are Governor Wike and Ex President Jonathan’s supporter, we expect this from you. I suspect that you are one of those that benefited from PDP corruption, you want corruption to kill Nigeria (selfishness). Very soon police can suspect you.