UN Vote Allows Palestine To Fly Flag At Headquarters

United Nations

United Nations

THE UN General Assembly yesterday voted to allow the Palestinians to raise their flag at its headquarters.

This is seen as a diplomatic victory for Palestinian campaign for statehood.

While 119 members, including France, Russia, Sweden and China, were in favour, eight voted against, including Australia, Israel and the United States (US), and 45, including Britain, Germany, Austria, Finland, The Netherlands and Cyprus, abstained.

The UN now has 20 days to implement the move, which would be in time for a visit by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on September 30.

“It is a symbolic thing, but another step to solidify the pillars of the state of Palestine in the international arena,” said Riyad Mansour, Palestine’s UN representative.

In Paris, Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah called the vote “a step on the road towards Palestine becoming a full member of the UN.”

“Raising the Palestinian flag outside the UN headquarters is not an alternative to negotiations and will not bring the parties closer to peace,” AFP quoted the US Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, as saying, while Israel’s Ron Prosor said “no vote can turn an empty symbolic gesture into a state

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