Rip Off: Group Warns MTN Of Imminent Protest

Subscibers in Edo

Subscibers in Edo

THE National Association of Telecom Subscribers (NATCOM) has warned South African telecoms company, MTN to expect civil protest from Nigerian subscribers anytime soon.

NATCOM makes this threat on the heel of a protest staged yesterday by a South African rights group, Right2Know.

The group, which demonstrated on the street of Johannesburg, South Africa yesterday, accused cell phone companies such as MTN of “rip-off”.

In a press release, made available to The Guardian by NATCOM, Right2know picketed MTN Head Offices in Johannesburg in order to put an end to its “unethical profiteering.”

Among other things, the group demand free SMS and no expiration of airtime and data bundles. “Airtime and data bundles should not expire if they are unused,” the group stated.
Reacting to the issue, NATCOM President, Chief Deolu Ogunbanjo said MTN and other teleco firms are also ripping off Nigerian subscribers.

“We want them to know that Nigerians also will protest against unreasonable charges.”
Right2Know recently released the Lived Costs of Communications research report. Compiled by the Link Centre at WITS University, the report details the real experiences of the everyday consumer in South Africa, and how the high costs imposed by cellular communications companies impact on the daily lives of ordinary people.

“The findings clearly demonstrate how the astronomically high pricing structures of South African telecommunications companies seriously affect the financial stability of many people, and also infringe on their basic and fundamental communications rights.”

Ogunbanjo said MTN and other telecoms firms will soon “hear” from Nigerians soon.

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  • Yes MTN is a reap off, my experience with them here in the US , when I want to recharge my mum phone, they only have $7.00 option, with that you pay $7.99, when I want recharge of $20.00, I have to make $7.99 x 3, which will be going to $22.00. The others have more options, from even $2 to $25.00 with the same $0.99 charges , what I did was to asked mother to change to glo or etisalart. I thing the best way to protest is to change to other company, the days of their monopoly is over.

  • Right2Know

    We support NATCOM’s decision to challenge these telecommunication companies. The right to communicate is a basic human right. We urge all the subscribers to join the fight against telecommunication profiteering!