President, Saraki meet soon over N’ Assembly crisis, says Wamakko

buhari_saraki_eid3• Rules out Senate president’s removal • Says PDP not plottingto take No. 3 citizen’s job

THERE are indications that President Muhammadu Buhari may soon meet with the Senate President Abubakar Bukola Saraki towards creating and nurturing an atmosphere of peace and understanding between the legislative and ‎executive arms of government.

Immediate past governor of Sokoto State, Senator Aliyu Magatatakarda Wamakko, who dropped the hint in an interview in Abuja yesterday, also disclosed that a majority of Senators have been fully informed and are aware that Buhari has no hand in Saraki’s ongoing trial at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT).

Wamakko also dismissed as untrue, reports that Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) senators were plotting a leadership change in the Senate, adding that such reports are the handiwork of influential persons outside the Federal Government who were bent on causing disharmony in the system to achieve their selfish interests.

Wamakko said senators are rather meeting to strengthen the Senate under Saraki with a view to recovering lost grounds on the legislative business under the All Progressives Congress (APC) government.

He said unknown to many, Buhari has nothing to do with Saraki’s present ordeal, especially his stand-off with the Code of Conduct Bureau, which dragged him before the Code of Conduct Tribunal.

“President Buhari is rather worried about the near- state of inaction in the National Assembly and hence, has never been opposed to moves by the Senate President to get the Senate back on a high octave in the interest of democracy,” Wamakko noted.

Without mentioning a specific date for the meeting, Wamakko said: “I see Mr. President, Saraki and senators holding a meeting very soon on how to salvage democracy which certain elements have been trying to subvert. They will find time to meet to stop our opponents from progressing with acts to sabotage democracy.

“Once the President and the Senate leadership sit on a round table with a resolve to re-oiling the wheels of democracy for national progress, the cynics, the political rabble-rousers and those who never mean well for the APC government will go to sleep.”

He said since Saraki has appeared before the Code of Conduct Tribunal, critics should stop pre-empting the issues and the laws.

He noted that those hoping to promote discord between the President and the Senate President would soon realise that democracy has advanced in Nigeria.

Wamakko also appealed to the media to show deeper understanding of the situation in the Senate by avoiding reports capable of creating confusion in the Upper Chamber, stating that the removal of Saraki as being canvassed by those he described as faceless groups outside the National Assembly will end up as an ill-wind that will blow no good for the Senate, democracy and Nigeria.

He said: “Majority of senators, weeks ago, passed a vote of confidence in Saraki because they were convinced that his style of leadership has been broad and progressive. Nothing has changed. A majority of our colleagues still believe that Saraki remains a stabilising factor in the Senate for now.

“A change of leadership, at this point in time, as being canvassed, will certainly spark some endless sessions of rancour, suspicion, crisis and uncertainty among members. When such begin to happen, no one will be able to predict the end.”

Wamakko said Saraki shared the same ideology of ‘change’ with Buhari, adding that every step so far taken by the Senate had been inclined towards promoting the change mantra, with national progress at the core of all considerations.

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  • omic60

    Story for the gullible

  • Truth is bitter

    This Wamako of a man is one the corrupt Senators misleading Bukola Saraki. Facing a serious charge of corruption is an embarrasment to the office of the Senate President. Wamako believes it should be business as usual ignoring the moral burden placed on Bukola Saraki.

  • Ikenna P

    If the Senate President had come from the core North, he would not have been brought before the Code of Conduct Tribunal. Nigerians are watching with keen interest.

    • abexy

      What o lamido and children.Nyako mko?

      • ufoma

        Don’t mind the fools, says na changeee!!!!

    • David

      Please don’t deceive yourself with this line of argument. Let Saraki go and defend himself and if he his guilty of the charges, then he should be punished according to the law. If the number three man in the country is dealt with, then there would no longer be sacred cow again East, West, South or North in the fight against corruption. I suspect he his guilty of some of the charges if not all, that was why he has tried to frustrate the CCT.

      • Ikenna P

        Mention just one APC Yoruba leader (present or past) in Nigeria who is not corrupt. Think with your brain and not with your mouth!

    • The Truth

      you people…wetin concern you about be be biafrans you be

      • Ikenna P

        You must be out of your mind! I am proud of my tribe and region. We are industrious and have helped (and still do) in creating wealth for our great country, Nigeria. Never, ever cast aspersion to any Igbo person. Otherwise?

  • Eniriches

    Wamakko, na only you waka come? Shut your mouth now, or be prepared to sing before CCT.

  • Taslem Tiger

    wamako, is in lalal land, keep dreaming….

  • bela

    Hmmmmm. na so our senators dey? Saraki has already created prob for himself so he has to make it ryt. pple suffered cos of him. now a so-called wellin meaning senator(s) is (are) defending him. Naija Senators, which way forward?

  • ezimako

    Was worried to see Senator Ben Bruce marching for Saraki.

    • ufoma

      He has own personal opinion and you are not well informed of happenings at the Senate!!! He is well informed more than you being a sitting Senator, its not everything they say in the pubic and media. The way CCB/CCT/EFCC/PMB and APC are going after Saraki shows it all. Politics of blackmail!!! That is not the beaut of democracy that we fought for!!!

      • ezimako

        I was nearly taken in by his empty homily,his moral high ground in sinking steadily.All deceit, “Full of sound and fury signifying nothing” but veiled brazen deceit.

  • David

    Wamako or what is your name, continue to deceive yourself. By the time you wake up from your dream you would be welcome to reality that change has indeed come and crooks will no longer be relevant in the scheme of things again in this country. If Saraki is not guilty of all the charges preferred against him, then he should go and defend himself before CCT and get this behind him rather than wasting time with allegation of being witch hunted. Saraki sowed the wind with the civilian coup he planned to get the post of Senate President and he will reap the whirlwind of being removed with ignominy. The era of judgement for fee is over. This is a lesson to all and sundry that what you want at times may be your nemesis so it is better to accept what God gives you than scheming, including inviting the devil to help you.

  • PolicyAnalyst

    There is always a platform for a star to perform and shine. The platform that will aid the performance of the Senate President is his party -APC. He must have his struggle within the party and not outside of it. I therefore recommend that he should engage his party chiefs constructively and they will be able to work out a soft landing which could include him remaining as Senate President or Not but will be a win win for his Party, Himself, Senate as an institution and the Nigeria.

  • Deji Fadina

    Somebody is talking as if he manufactures the air we breathe and we should not breathe until they tell us which brand to buy, even if free fresh air comes to us from the Almighty God, beggingg to be breathed.
    Is this joker telling us what to see, despite what millions of us have already seen?.