Palazzos Are Back With A Bang

palazzo-2THE Palazzo is not a new fashion trend, but as we well know, there is really no new trend in the fashion world. Trends come and go but the good news is that when old trends “resurrect”, there are always new ways to rock them and thankfully, they always tend to look different and fresh.

Palazzo pants and skirts (super maxi-skirts) as they are called, are usually flowing and billowy with super wide leg-cuts for the trousers and flowing A-line shape for the skirts.

If you are still confused about what a palazzo is, cast your mind back to those trousers that were worn in the 70’s and 80’s that we see in old pictures.

Yes, those wildly popular boot-cut jeans are what we are talking about. However, now, these trousers have made a re-entrance to the fashion world but thankfully, not in the form of jeans alone. With its varying fabrics and myriads of designs, it is warming its way back the hearts of fashion lovers.

Palazzo pants are amazingly comfortable and tend to give your body the ‘bottle shape’, giving you that reticent girly look we all love. The best part of this amazing fashion piece is that it doesn’t discriminate against body sizes.

It doesn’t matter if you are slim or big, you can wear it comfortably. It is only the top that you wear on it that would be different because of our different body shapes.

If you want to look good rocking these pants casually or professionally, here are some tips that are a must-know: . To get the serious look, wear a camisole beneath a good jacket and make sure both are fitted.

No flapping items here, please. . You can wear your palazzos during cold weather by pairing them up with a good cashmere turtleneck and/or a jacket. .

If you are wearing a palazzo skirt, pair it with a big belt and a good tank top for a slimmer, sophisticated look. . You can never go wrong with a cropped top but please, make sure you have the body to pull it off. Excess flesh and skin would only make you look like a tramp. . Pairing tailored palazzos with feminine fitted shirts can create a perfect work wear.

You will not only look professional but also trendy. . You can always pair your palazzo pants with a lace shirt or top for a more feminine and girly look. . A fitted denim jacket can take you from ordinary to sophisticated in a second. Invest in a good one. .

To achieve the jumpsuit look, wear a monochrome top tucked in tight to get this. . Pair pants or skirts with a loose tank for a more comfortable outfit, you can add accessories like a long necklace and a hat to look elegant.

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