Onu decries decline in moral values


Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu

Assures Buhari will restore Nigeria’s glory 

A TOP leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, yesterday expressed concern over the decline in moral values, saying this has impacted negatively on the country’s growth.

Onu, who was special guest of honour on the occasion of Iriji Mbaise held at the International Conference Centre in Abuja, maintained that a country without values cannot attain greatness among the global comity of nations.

Noting that younger generation of Nigerians now face difficulties in identifying with role models in their respective domains due to moral decay, he expressed optimism that with determination, discipline and hard work, the obstacles affecting the country’s growth would be surmounted.

Onu, who was governor of Abia State, assured that the President Muhammadu Buhari led administration would reverse this trend adding: “Nations are not built by mere wishful thinking.

Nations are built by the collective efforts of men and women who truly love their country and go to work, determined to do it right and get it right.

The APC-led Federal Government of President Buhari will work to restore the rich moral values of our people. “It will pursue ethical rebirth that will reshape both the minds and conduct of our people.

This administration will lead by example. The change agenda of the All Progressives Congress will place strong emphasis on restoring the moral tone of good governance such that service will no longer be for self but for all.

The interest to be served will no longer be personal but rather for the common good. “This will foster accountability in governance, enhance selfless service and promote the sustenance of a credible electoral process in our democracy.

The people will then trust their leaders such that mobilising them for development will become easier. “I am confident that Nigeria can overcome. Challenges do not weaken the resolve to succeed.

Rather, challenges strengthen the determination to excel. As a people, we have survived the debilitating effects of slave trade. As a nation, we have toiled to defeat colonialism both within and even abroad.

Our generation must succeed in the task of nation building, especially in a democratic environment that guarantees peace and prosperity. Nigeria shall rise again. “Until recently, our politics was a contest, not of ideas, but of guns, knives, and machetes.

Those seeking elective offices got into public office only to abandon the important purpose of selfless service to the people. Our elections became unfortunate tales of vote rigging and fraud such that the vote no longer counted and the voter no longer mattered. “Today, we are in search of those values that will help us build a new nation of honourable men and women who speak the truth, value integrity, respect good character and treasure love of country.”

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  • Cyril Nutsu


    My attention has been drawn to a spurious Facebook broadcast by one Evans
    Olisa misleading people to register for patronage on my behalf for MDG
    contracts. I wish to reiterate that I do not own or operate a Facebook
    account. Further, the action of Mr. Olisa is without my knowledge as I
    have no dealings with MDGs. I implore the general public to disregard same
    as it is false and may not be far removed from fraudulent intent.

    Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, October 4, 2015.