Olu of Warri not dead, in coma, says palace source

olu-of-warriThe Itsekiri Traditional Council’s silence over the health situation of the Olu of Warri may after all be explained.

A close palace source told The Guardian yesterday that the Olu of Warri is not dead but has actually been in a coma since Friday.
“The Olu is not dead but in very serious coma,” the source said.

Also, the Iwere Integrity Group (IIG), a group of strict adherents of the custom and tradition of Itsekiri has also given indications that the Olu is not dead but unconscious.

The IIG is made up of Princes and Princesses, sons and daughters of Chiefs as well as leaders of different villages and towns across Warri kingdom; all of who are desirous of upholding the tradition of a people who have been organized under one tongue and crown for over 500 years.

The group in a statement released by Barrister Robinson Ariyo stated: “As you may know, Warri Kingdom is well over 500years old and as such; it is expected to be of interest to a huge number of people across the world.

“It is no longer news that the social and mainstream media are saturated with the news of the demise of His Royal Majesty, OgiameAtuwatse II.

“We admit that His Majesty has some issues with his health. All we need do is pray for his quick recovery. We promise to let you know through the Warri Traditional Council should his condition improve or deteriorate.

“The IIG is committed to the promotion of every strand of the custom and tradition of our people and will do everything lawful to protect Itsekiri customary practice and procedure,” the group said.

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    whem will they abolish all these democratic nonsense