Senate passes vote of confidence on Saraki



The Nigerian Senate earlier today expressed solidarity for the embattled senate president, Bukola Saraki, who is currently facing allegations of false declaration of assets at the Code of Conduct Tribunal.

The motion to pass a vote of confidence on Saraki was moved by Senator David Umaru (APC-Niger East) and was seconded by Senator Ahmed Sani, with 84 other lawmakers in support.

Both senators Umaru and Sani said their support for the senate president was intended to rid the 8th senate of any external influence.

A mild drama, however, ensued as Senator Babajide Omoworare (APC-Osun East) who initially supported the motion asked that his name be struck out, claiming that he was not properly briefed on the purpose of the motion.

On his part, Senator Kabir Marafa (Zamfara Central) raised a point of order on the motion while plenary was going on. This led to a short rowdy session on the floor of the senate. The senator later walked out the session in protest.

The senate deputy president, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, later apologised for Marafa’s outburst, promising that such action would not repeat itself and also thanked the lawmakers for throwing their weight behind the senate president.

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  • Yomi Ade

    Senate vote of confidence on Saraki did not change the simple fact that Saraki is corrupt. All the senators that voted to support the corrupt senate president need to cover their faces with shame. Until when the poor Nigerians start public lynching of these corrupt politicians things will not change.

    • Ozoemene Obiora A

      It’s you that will start the lynching

      • Rasak25

        yes, i will support lynching

  • bela

    our shameless senators stands for corruption. The change we are all chanting will not be achieved if the so called lawmakers do not change their mannerism. Knowing fully well that Saraki is facing charges, they still choose to stand behind him as if he is a saint or as if it is a normal thing to them. God is watching u all.

  • Henry

    It is obvious here that many commentators do not understand the message the Senate is sending to the Nigerian public, the executive arm and the political parties. The Legislature is an independent arm of government, more powerful than the executive and also the true representative of the wishes of the Nigerian people. It will not tolerate interference in its leadership and affairs by outsiders. It is not a question of what anybody feels about Dr. Saraki and besides the senate president is not guilty of any offence until a competent court in the land pronounces him guilty. As at today all that in the CCB are mere allegations.

    • Muyiwa Bakare

      @Henry – Why are they passing vote of confidence?
      Was this in question, why now…Why all the sympathisers around the National
      Assembly (Did I hear the guilty are afraid).CCT reconvenes around the 21st of
      October,2015.This is not saying Saraki is guilty/not guilty of any offence.Simple why did he declare/not declare correct information to the CCB.

      He can get away from silly things like this in Nigeria,
      why is why he was smiling like a little boy that his lolly was taken of him and
      the head teacher is accusing the senior that did you do that and he went about
      educating himself about his view of the new Nigeria.

      He can start thinking about winning the case of
      technicality if any exist otherwise irrespective of vote of confidence by the
      very criminal’s that got him there in the very first place.

      I think we all need the hear from Nigerian’s
      who have been in front of this senate committee members to understand the rot
      in our system. They are the very reason why we will struggle with any meaningful
      progress in Nigeria.

      He can seat there like Sepp Blatter for all he
      cares….We just want the CCT to do its job….


    Nigeria politicians?you can`t beat them,will Buhari join them?Tinubu is already a catalyst

  • one kay

    PMB needs to be careful!

  • Cjay Emmany

    I am very happy with the senate’s action. Saraki is being witch-hunt and the Senate would have been foolish to turn their back on him cos of that.

  • Hamzat Olanrewaju

    Why will they not pass vote of confidence when 90% of them are rogues,birds of the same feathers flocks together,
    PDP will never change until they are forced to do so

  • Olua Emmanuel

    Birds of the same feather flock together.