Military vows to continue assaults on Boko Haram

The Nigerian Armed Forces on Monday said its commitment to ridding the country of Boko Haram insurgents has not wavered, vowing to continue the ongoing coordinated joint assaults on the insurgents’ positions in the northeast “until the operation of the guerrillas are totally impaired and collapsed.”

The Defence Headquarters said in a statement that the coordinated operation of the security forces in the ‘contested area’ designed to dismantle the technical capabilities of the terrorist group to launch attacks would intensify in order not to give the terrorists the space to regroup and re-strategize their campaign of violence.

The DHQ said, “for optimum success in the counteroffensives, the recent deployment of the 7th Brigade of the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) in the Lake Chad Basin would ensure a total blockade of possible escape routes in the area to forestall further infiltration of the terrorist elements into the country and its neighbours.

“The terrorists are hereby warned to stop their mindless acts of violence and embrace peace in order that they might become useful citizens contributing positively to the socio-economic development of not just the northeast but the country as a whole.”

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    You don’t vow before taking your salaries. Do the job and stop this rubbish vow.