Death toll hits 117 after latest Boko Haram bombings

The death toll from a series of bomb blasts blamed on Boko Haram in Maiduguri in northeastern Nigeria has risen to at least 117, hospital sources said Tuesday, more than twice the official tally.

A total of 72 dead were registered at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital, while another 45 were taken to the mortuary at the Borno State Specialist Hospital, three medical staff said.

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  • wovijide

    I hope Nigerians are now coming to terms with the hard reality about insurgency. No president will deliberately allow citizens to be slaughtered this way. Up until now, the impression was created that it is because the previous administration did not want to fight the insurgents because we have a southern president. So sickening an argument yet was quickly elevated to the level of truth and nothing but truth. Fortunately, we now have a new government in place headed by a northern president with 2 of the service chiefs also from the north. We have also seen the chief of army staff leading operations in the fight against the insurgents. This has been hailed as a good development even though it is clearly a fool hardy strategy. However, the real question is despite these developments, attacks by the insurgents have continued in their intermittent fashion as consistent with the philosophy of all insurgency. I therefore hope that we are learning some useful lessons in how not to play politics with our national security.

    • bally

      It is only clear that you guys are bent on disrupting this government. Is the recent bomb blast done to justify your claim. Nigerians can see the seriousness of the fight. this only shows that the death of the poor is not your concern

      • wovijide

        Good for you to obscure my opinion as if you are from the moon. But you must be reminded of the myopic reading of the problem with the current state of affairs so as to forge a better future. If you did not understand the post or you merely want to be obstinate about it, you sure have a right.

    • Ebaah Odibo

      It is the politicians that do not realize that insurgents are nobody’s friend. Candidate Buhari made that tragic mistake in his statements as opposition leader leading up to the last general elections. Now he won partly owing to those statements. The insurgents simply increase the intensity of their bloody attacks. He ought not to have played politics, especially, regional politics with insurgency. Having used that as an advantage to win the elections, PMB must face the same music he played to GEJ. I don’t believe that PMB sponsored Boko Haram, but he gave moral support to them as a candidate. Those inflammatory statements he made will not just go away. They, and Boko Haram and the blood of innocent kids, women and men will haunt PMB and those politicians who mix religion and politics

      • wovijide

        That is the point. Thanks for expatiating on the topic.