Boko Haram leader dismisses Nigerian military claims as ‘lies’

BokoNigeria’s military on Saturday claimed further gains in its counter-offensive against Boko Haram, but the group’s shadowy leader Abubakar Shekau dismissed the talk of success as “lies”.

Army spokesman Sani Usman said troops destroyed more rebel enclaves and camps in the restive state of Borno, which has been worst hit by the six-year Islamist insurgency.

“The fight against the terrorists in the northeast is gaining successful momentum, with most of the camps falling to the Federal might,” he said in a statement.

A total of 62 people were rescued from around the town of Gwoza, which last year Boko Haram declared the headquarters of its caliphate but which it lost control of in March.

Some 77 men, women and children, most of them “haggard, dejected and obviously malnourished”, also arrived in the town of Bama on Saturday, Usman said.

One man picked up said he had his right hand cut off by militants in their Sambisa Forest stronghold in Borno last year, he said, adding that eight Boko Haram suspects surrendered to troops.

Nigeria’s military has claimed a series of successes against Boko Haram recently and on Friday said it had rescued 90 people and dislodged Boko Haram from two villages near Gwoza.

President Muhammadu Buhari in early August gave his new military commanders three months to defeat Boko Haram, after six years of violence, at least 15,000 dead and more than two million homeless.

Shekau has not been seen on video since February and until an audio message last month had not spoken since March, when he proclaimed Boko Haram’s allegiance to the so-called Islamic State group.

His absence sparked fresh rumours about whether he was still alive or had been deposed as leader, with other videos this year fronted by an unknown rebel under the name Islamic State in West Africa Province (ISWAP).

Shekau said in a 25-minute recording in Hausa and Arabic via social media: “They (the military) lied that they have confiscated our arms, that we have been chased out of our territories, that we are in disarray.

“We are alive, I am alive, this is my voice, more audible than it was before. This is Shekau.”

He added: “Buhari is a liar and has deceived you. The army spokesman is also lying. He and his footsoldiers always run helter-skelter whenever we come face to face with them…

“Buhari, you once claimed that you will crush us in three months. How can you crush us?”

Shekau directly refers to IS group leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, to whom he says he is “loyal and subservient”.

He also namechecks IS spokesman Abu-Mohammed al-Adnani and sends “greetings to the faithful in Yemen”, where there is also an IS “affiliate”.

There was no indication of where or when the recording was made but it appears to have have been in recent days.

Shekau talks of Buhari’s “deal with Hollande”, referring to the Nigerian president’s three-day visit to Paris earlier this week, which included talks with his French counterpart Francois Hollande.

He also dismissed as untrue Buhari’s comments about “our brethren in prison”.

Buhari this week said the Nigerian authorities were talking to Boko Haram prisoners in their custody and could offer them amnesty if the group hands over more than 200 schoolgirls abducted last year.

  • Mukhtari

    Propaganda has no staying power. Who is the government negotiating with? Why is truth so hard to get from elected people in Nigeria.

  • beejay

    So..fellow Nigerians..who are you going to believe…word from a heartless bloodthirsty terrorist, or the government of our country?.

    • AA

      I’m afraid you haven’t phrased the question accurately. I would put it like this: “word from a heartless bloodthirsty terrorist, or the clueless, propaganda government of our country? My answer would be: NONE!

    • Abdul


  • moses

    useless animals called Muslims this is what you bastards know how to do,

    • Ade

      Is dt a good comment from u Moses . are u educated at all.

    • oluleye

      OH! actually moses is a jungle illiterate!!

    • Abdul

      Things had been the way and manner designed to be, mind you, you cannot change TIME coz is not your role: talk to people not a religion…..

      If you realy knows yourself, your heart beating rate, personality and social relation interaction’s approach to fellow citizens. You could have prevented yourself from being on social media.
      I have never talked with any one on religious issues right from 2001 of being online but i realy finds it necessary to tells you that:
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      2. You happens to be an ignorant of yourself and accountable of your wrong doings.
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      It is not your fault please kindly get a good pastor among (men of god) they can get u through, you may catchs up in time.
      NB:Think before u talk otherwise it will harm you in particular because i holds you responsible personally on you comment to the entire Muslims without substantial reasons on ground, as being Muslim or a Christian does not mean you cannot commit signs, It is all about the faith in you to the creator.

      Apply CRM techniques when writing any comment net time!!!

      • Curti Uwuigbe

        Abdul, but Boko Haram act based on their beliefs and quote from the Holy Quran. Even IS, and the Caliph, Abu Bakr Al-bagdadi, quotes from the Holy Quran. So, the question is, are you saying these groups don’t know the Quran or are contradicting it? Can you say and prove that before the Caliph, Al-Bagdadi, or before Shekau?

        • Abdul

          Uwuigbe, both local and multi-national terrorists where Qur’an while carrying out there activities and it had been clearly stated in the Qur’an that you have to completely accept Qur’an not some of its parts to be a true muslim.

          With tegard to your question, my believe is that this groups are contradicting and i can say it before any body, as a Muslim my religion makes it mandetory on me to be as follows :
          1. As good as possible to everyone besides me because prophet (S. A. W) did so to everyone including none Muslims
          2. Protect and not to harm everyone (Muslims /none Muslims )
          3. Be good to those that are bad to you.
          Similarly, one of the greatest sign among other is to cause drop of blood or to kill without substantial evidence and true believer can never do that.
          Base on the above i don’t believe they are true believers since they cannot comply simple relegius instructions

          • Curti Uwuigbe

            Abdul, I think you need to be careful. Al-Bagdadi is following the hadith in toto i.e. the way of the prophet (pbuh). Study the holy Qur’an carefully on jihad, and the hadith. Of course, some members of IS etc. would stray. But listen and follow the actions of the leaders and compare with the books. Let’s leave taqiya and kitman out of this!

          • Abdul

            Curti, i can briefly say these few words that acquiring knowledge doesn’t mean understanding, islam means peace and it has its rules to abide with and as a true believer you need to wholly accept Qur’an verses not some.

          • Abdul

            It’s is complicated and i totally disagree.

        • Abdul

          Curti, i can briefly say these few words that acquiring knowledge doesn’t mean understanding, islam means peace and it has its rules to abide with and as a true believer you need to wholly accept Qur’an verses not some.


    let’s wait and see what do they(boko haram has to offer) since they claimed to be on top of the game,may while,Nigeria government should look for more strategic means to counter this group,we all know that terrorist group all over the world has become very difficult to curb,this group have rendered some countries ungovernable and economic crisis,this group,I believed they have their men planted in the military of the countries where they operate,who help them to network evil trade,and until these evil-genius are wiped out,terrorist would still being having field day,just a while I am optimistic that we will get to the root of these religious motivated war.

  • Curti Uwuigbe

    I am certain Boko Haram has been decapitated but alive. Shekau doesn’t seem to know what he wants. He kills everyone, irrespective of religion or creed. It is best his followers desert him and join the Nigerian state to achieve greater heights. I believe that by now there is at least one splinter group and that that group is Shekau’s downfall.

  • Francesca Stewart

    It is difficult for us the ordinary public to know the truth. People have to remain trusting in the President and his team. I think the information designed is aimed to create panic. This is why it is important that the public remain calm and focus, protect each other and assist the President and his team. Nigerians do not have to let the Boko groups and their sympathisers win. Nigerians need to put aside their desires, such as accumulation of material wealth, power, and work together and win this war declared by the Boko groups.


    Buhari is already negotiating with boko harams,shekau denied this negotiation now,Buhari earlier said in three months,he will end boko haram,four months now no news yet,money is being spent.