Husband seeks divorce over alleged threat to life

Mr Aderibigbe Gbenga, 32, on Thursday asked an Ado-Ekiti Customary Court to dissolve his 7-year-old marriage over an alleged threat to life by the wife, Kemi, 29.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Gbenga is seeking the dissolution on grounds of adamant to corrections, threat to life and lack of care for him as a husband.

Gbenga, a resident of Zone A Onala, Ado-Ekiti, told the court that his wife was spreading rumour that he was using her destiny and that he did ritual to make money.

“My wife accused me of doing ritual and she kept reporting me to people insinuating that, I had built a house as a welder.

“She said that, how come that I built a house within a short period of time, if I was not using her destiny, and this has made people to run away from me,” he alleged.

The petitioner, father of two, said that his wife was a lazy woman, despite that he gave her money to cook; she will not cook for him.

“After her freedom as a fashion designer, I opened a shop for her, and also made a container for her,” he said.

The husband alleged that the wife will refuse to go to her shop, which was located close to their house.

He claimed that his wife had dropped the two children with him eight months ago, when she packed out.

He, therefore, prayed the Court to dissolve the marriage and grant him the custody of the children.

In her response, Kemi, 29, denied all the allegations leveled against her, saying that her husband sent her packing from the house.

“My husband woke me up one midnight and asked me to pray for him naked.

“She told me to pray for him so that he can have money and build more houses; he also promised to take care of me, but I refused, “she said.

Kemi said after the incident, though he told her that he was building a house, but he never took her to the house.

She urged the Court to allow her pack her belongings and compelled her husband to stop threatening her and her mother.

The Court President, Mrs Akomolede Olayinka, after hearing from both parties adjourned the case till Sept. 24 for judgment.

According to him, there is still room for reconciliation.

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