Nigeria to witness lunar eclipse today

Lunar-eclipse-101221-02NIGERIA is to witness very pronounced reddish darkness in the early hours of today.

This is as a result of a lunar eclipse, which had earlier been announced. The eclipse is expected to occur on schedule, the National; Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) said yesterday.

The scenario is expected to commence around and continue intermittently till about 6.22am, the agency said.

In a statement, Head Media and Corporate Commissions of the Agency, Dr. Felix Ale said, the lunar eclipse will be visible in all the various locations in the country from 1.11am, with total eclipse at 3:47am and end by 6.22am.

Ale said NARSAD has no special arrangement for the public to view the astronomical event at the Space Centre in line with its tradition due to the time of the occurrence this time around.

The NASRDA spokesman also dismissed the on-going speculation in some quarters that the lunar eclipse will last for two weeks, saying it will only be observed within five hours and eleven minutes in the early hours of Monday, September 28, 2015.

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  • Bimbo Oshunsan

    Please give us current news. I’ve been following international news on this and I kept wondering when nigeria media will say something. You mentioned it would happen in the early hours and you’re reporting behind the scheduled time. It would have been better if this report came out as a past occurrence and not as a future one.

    • Lawal Moshood

      Past report I wonder ooo bimbo

    • clement

      Nice observation!
      Need for total change!!

  • Motun Tope-Ajao

    Abi o, Bimbo. I was so disappointed to see guardian telling us at 7:56am that Nigeria is to experience lunar eclipse that ended at 6:22am!!! Please do the bother telling us or rephrase it… NIGERIA HAS EXPERIENCED LUNAR ECLIPSE TODAY 28TH SEPTEMBER 2015! Simple!

  • Adekola

    Irrelevant as at 7:56am!

  • Bimbo Oshunsan

    Let’s watch out this evening anyway. Abi?