Ndigbo have no regrets voting against Buhari, says Ohaneze



Following overwhelming votes cast by the South East zone for ousted President Goodluck Jonathan in the last general elections, the Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, a Pan-Igbo group, has said the region has no regrets for not voting in favour of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The group said the voting pattern in the last elections, which appears tilted towards the Southern region as opposed to the northern candidate, was a demonstration of the will of Ndigbos to speak in one voice.

Speaking yesterday in Abuja at a press conference to kick-start the 2015 Igbo Day celebration, President of the group, in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Mazi Odozi Elijah Nwodozi, stated that the voting trend might also have put to rest, insinuations that Igbos lack unity of purpose, adding that the people voted their conscience rather than for pecuniary gains.

“In the 2015 elections, Ndigbos made a clear choice; it was decisive. We made the best choice, as known to us. So, we have no regrets — whether, or not, we are being punished for that choice. We are in a democracy. The president is the president of all, irrespective of how any region voted.
“This simply shows character, that if an Igbo man decides to support you, he does so no matter the consequence. That shows we are unwaivered,” he said.

According to him, the region realises that the government of the day is undermining Ndigbos by virtue of appointments so far made, but said the region remains unperturbed.

“Ndigbos are strong people. We are like a phoenix; we always rise from our ashes. We cannot be broken as a people. We will surely get to the promised land,” he added.

While saying that September 28 and 29 have been earmarked for the celebration of the Igbo Day in Abuja, Nwodozi added that the voting pattern in the 2015 general election had many implications.

“Ndigbos, without doubt, made a bold statement through the ballot box on March 28, 2015.We achieved three major milestones, namely, a true reconciliation with our brothers in the old eastern region — an exhibition of the readiness of Ndigbos to allow minority ethnic group play active roles in the leadership of the nation. It was also a major achievement in that it showed unity of purpose. And the voting pattern also debunked the age long insinuation that Igbos have no unified voice,” Nwodozi said.

In his remark, Vice President of the Pan-Igbo group, Chief Anayo Arinze, also stated that the Igbos were prepared to work with anyone who would cater for the needs of the region, but said mutual respect must first be established. He added that Igbos are law-abiding, industrious, and peaceful people who seek justice and equity in all facets of deliverable amenities in the country.

Meanwhile, the World Igbo Day, the group re-iterated, would be celebrated in Abuja. It would be attended by notable Igbo leaders from all walks of life in and outside the shores of the country, said the group.

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  • Anic

    Whether you vote for Buhari or not it does not stop anything. Majority of Nigerians has voted for change and thats it.

    • george

      My friend this statement by this group is strong indication of politic of policy and purpose. I love that statement and I said it many a time until Nigerians start voting with their conscience and not for their bread forget democracy there. Other ethnic groups should learn from the igbos, just like the American blacks has long history of voting the democrats, they remain Americans.

      • Joe Cee

        The sad thing about you people is that you fail to realise that a family owes no extra favour to a rebellious child whoon his own voluntary will denounced his father and family name. If per chance he is repentant his priority is to prove his remorse and loyalty not by grumbling of differential treatment. Nigeria owes Igbos nothing. They can never be majority that is sacrosanct! E don do! Who placed them in this position. We are by products and only as good as the decisions we make in life. That is the bitter and hard truth

    • Fuzio

      That does not mean those who voted against him should vaporize or cease to exist.

    • abrakadaba

      I suppose you do not understand simple reasoning. The Ohaneze said what you are repeating. It is a democratic society so every body has right to vote for whosoever he wishes to vote for. Please don’t crucify me if I chose to vote for Jonathan. Do not call me a slave because I decided to unify the south east your father destroyed.

      The bottom line is that the president of Nigeria is a president of all.There is no modern and civilized president that will come out openly to tell the whole world that those who voted for him are his priority, the rest should be enslaved. Let me remind you that it is a merry go round, We are not crying and if we do by your statement you cried before us. Let us hold our peace till 2019.

  • amador kester

    Its time they played pragmatic politics of economic transformation rather than i voted for this or that. What does it matter if they voted for a phantom? Or a torricellian vacuum? Does that sociocultural body ever plan for an economic masterplan or econ integration of south east? Thats the type of thing they ought be talking about if they are a sociocultural body with sound leadership

    • Fuzio

      Politics has always trumped economic issues since Nigeria gained independence. The implication is that the Federal government decides winners and losers in the economic front. That is the reality and we must deal with the world as we see it today.

  • Izeobor

    Joe Cee, do Igbos owe Nigeria anything? Is “Igbo” a child of Nigeria? Is “Igbo” a prodigal son? Can you give Ndi-Igbo their own share of inheritance if “Igbo” is a son of Nigeria?

  • Goodluck

    We are in a world of democracy. Every one is free to cast their votes to whoever they want. However, it is high time votes are casted on economic or political ideology and not on ethnic ideology.

  • TKBaba

    Exactly, Ndigbo have right to vote for their Jonathan and equally the rest of the country have right to cast their vote for Buhari.

  • nuelsymbol

    Ndi-Igbo could have been an hero, if they have not put their Hat in their hands begging for crumbs that fall from Buhari table , even before he took oath of office.At the time Yoruba were running up and down in the Sun under the Leadership of Pastor Bakare and Prof.Soyinka was already pushing pen that Jonathan should be allowed to act as President and President Obasanjo sneaked to Saudi Arabia and brought the report of the hopeless health of President Yau’Adua ,Chief Ogbulafor on behalf of Igbo stated , No Vacancy in Aso Rock for Jonathan.For the first two years of Jonathan nothing came to Yoruba not until Afenifere went to meet him in Abuja and told him to his face that he is a monster of ingratitude to Yoruba that he gave paltry positions to Yoruba whereas Ndi-Igbo was already eating with two hands and oil dropping on their chests.The question is , who initiated minority to play active role in the Leadership of the Nation now ?

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