NCAA denies interviewing employees without minister’s approval

ncaa-airport-aviationTHE Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has disclaimed media reports stating that 100 employees were interviewed in Abuja without ministerial approval.

The NCAA Director General, Capt. Muhtar Usman in his reaction to the reports said they were not true.

According to him, he sought and obtained ministerial approval for renewal of contracts for 45 Aviation Safety Inspectors (ASI) whose contracts had expired.

This was expedient to ensure the regulatory authority was adequately staffed and well armed to provide robust safety oversight as statutorily required.

In addition, the ministerial approval was granted to the DG’s request to proactively beef up staff strength in some critical areas in the Authority.

These are: Medical Assessors, Engineers, Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) and additional Aviation Safety Inspectors (ASI) – all totaling 33.

Usman recalled that during Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recertification and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) audits, part of the Open Items was prerequisite technical manpower.

He said there is an impending ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme (USOAP) in November 2015.

The request and ministerial approval obtained is to ensure that Nigeria has adequate manpower.

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