Navy bids Chinese trainers farewell

Navy warship

Navy warship

AFTER four months of tutoring Nigerian navy ‎personnel on the operation and maintenance of offshore patrol vessel, NNS SAGBAMA‎, donated to Nigeria by Chinese government, a 19-man Chinese naval team at the weekend returned to their country.

They had arrived Nigeria in May when one of the two offshore patrol vessels (OPV) (NNS CENTENARY AND NNS PROSPERITY) purchased from China was delivered.

The team had brought NNS SAGBAMA, which was built for the Nigerian Navy as China’s complementary effort towards the fleet renewal efforts of the navy.

Commending them for a job well done, the Flag Officer Commanding (FOC) Western Naval Command (WNC) Rear Admiral Jonathan Ango said the boat would assist the force in fight against maritime crimes in the Gulf of Guinea.

He lauded them for their patience and commitment in putting the Nigerian crew through the rigours and mastery of the boat’s functions, noting that NNS SAGBAMA was a new class of vessel.

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  • bigbang

    The US will never do this for Nigeria. They will sell us stripped down naval ships. China is an ally of Nigeria.

    • emmanuel kalu

      They would never sell you the ones they use, which is good military sense. however the quality of stuff that US sells you would be ten times better than chinese. moreover, who would you want to get training from. chinese that haven’t proven themselve or the americans.

      • bigbang

        Really, are you sure?

        The last naval ship they donated to us, was stripped down, all of the advanced equipment removed. China has donated one ship and sold two other ships to Nigeria. A total of 3 ships from China. All of their ships have modern equipment and arms on them. NNS unity has missile pods. It has a large cannon. It has a place where a hellicopter can land. It has equipment that can help clean oil spills. It has advanced radar. It has stealth technology.

        • emmanuel kalu

          Why would they give you the most advanced weapons and ships. When u purchase it you can have them put whatever you want that they are selling. Nigeria bought those ship from china, so it deserves to have everything.

          • chukwudozie duru

            Bigbang, I do not make any rationale in your arguement, It is right and appriorate to purchase a complete item than you trying to give me same item empty and ow wants me to configure that for an additional fees.
            The ship US sold to Nigeria will actually cost more to maintain than operate as reported by the media.
            As fr training , you can get that from anywhere, so long as it suit what you want to achieve, No doubt America may be the best but it depends on what we need.

          • emmanuel kalu

            Because it is a better ship that chinese.

          • bigbang

            No problem, it is actually a good thing that we are buying advanced weapons from Russia and China. Americans tend to starve countries of parts if they fail to play ball with them. Just look at Egypt.

          • emmanuel kalu

            Lol. SA is making weapon. Nigeria needso to start looking within to get things done.

          • bigbang

            Nigeria is also making weapons. We are going to expand domestic production.

  • New Nigerian

    Jonathan administration self!…he cancelled the cooperation with US on military training and replaced it with Chinese ones, what was he going to do next, North Korea?!!! Thank God for elections that counted….