Magu: Senate angry over Sagay’s alleged derogatory comments

Senate President Bukola Saraki at the National Assembly PHOTO: TWITTER/NIGERIAN SENATE

The Senate on Wednesday resolved to investigate the alleged derogatory comments made against it by the chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Anti-Corruption, Professor Itse Sagay concerning the Senate’s insistence that President Muhammadu Buhari should act on its decision to disqualify the acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu.

The Senate had during its Tuesday session suspended consideration of President Mohammadu Buhari’s nomination of 27 persons for appointment as Resident Electoral Commission (REC), hinging the decision on the President’s failure to respect its decision not to confirm Magu as the substantive EFCC boss.

But in responding to that decision of Senate, Sagay was reported by a national daily to have described the Senate’s decision in which it called on Buhari to sack Magu as “childish and irresponsible.”

He was also reported to have stated that “the Senate was filled with people of questionable character, who put their personal interest ahead of that of the nation.”

In his motion on Wednesday, Deputy Senate Senate Leader, Bala Na’Allah asked the Senate to invite Sagay to appear before its Ethics and Privileges Committee to name the persons of questionable characters that constituted the Senate.

Na’Allah said: “If somebody in the standing of Professor Sagay could make this comment, it means this senate is under obligation to invite Itse Sagay to come and name the questionable people that fill this senate. It is very important at this stage of our political development. It is very important.”

Adopting the motion, the Senate referred the matter to its Committee on Ethics, Privileges and Code of Conduct for investigation. A report from the committee is expected in four weeks.

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  • Uchenna Okwuonu

    These are all thieves who do not want to confirm Magu because of the good work he is doing. When will corruption end in Nigeria?

    • Razorblade Abefele

      I guess the thieves also include the presidency and DSS, after all the DSS which is an organisation under the presidency supplied the information that the senate acted upon.

  • Bright Ezeh

    Corrupt Pdp and apc senators unites to stop magu while over 150 million Nigerians are watching them, for me magu is a God sent, but the same people that kept Nigeria in poverty and shame has sworn that Nigeria can not be liberated from poverty and shame,even if they succeded in stopping magu , one day God must surely intervene, sorry for Nigeria

  • Ken Harris

    Sometimes silence is golden, if l should advise the Senate, simply ignore the unintelligible rantings of the so called professor of constitutional law; Professor Sagay, he just sounds more stupid each day. When the DSS invaded the houses of some judges; an anomaly, he said there was nothing wrong with that sacrilegious act. The presidency dragged it’s foot in submitting the name of the current Chief Justice of the federation for confirmation by the senate as recommended by NJC, as the most senior judge, Sagay told us that the time tested tradition of the NJC to recommend the most senior judge to the president should be jettisoned. The senate rejected Magu based partly on a DSS report, he says the president should leave him indefinitely in acting capacity.
    Now, the senate refuses to attend to the confirmation of RECs because of Magu, he retorted to name calling. Tomorrow if the senate refuses to pass the budget in a show of strength, l guess he will advise the president to spend without approval of the legislature. Finally, when the president gets impeached, he will advise him not to relinquish power but rather rule as a military dictator. The president should get rid of the likes of Prof.Sagay?.