Lawmakers seek release of Kanu, Dasuki

Former national security adviser (NSA), retired Col. Sambo Dasuki PHOTO: NAN

Some lawmakers said they are set to invoke the relevant laws of the Senate to compel the Attorney General of the Federation, Mallam Abubakar Malami to ensure the immediate release of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu and former National Security Adviser (NSA), Sambo Dasuki.

The leader of the group of senators agitating for the release of the two detainees, Senator Mao Ohuabunwa while speaking with journalists yesterday at the National Assembly decried the continued disobedience of court orders regarding the detention of Kanu and Dasuki.

Ohuabunwa also asked the Senate to urge Malami to advise President Muhammadu Buhari to free both Kanu and Dasuki.

He said the continued detention of the IPOB leader and the former NSA despite court orders to free them was violation of their fundamental human rights.

The senator added: “I still stand by my prayers last week on the floor of the Senate that the Attorney General of the Federation should advice the President to release Kanu and Dasuki. I believe their continued incarceration was disobedience of court order.”

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  • Ola

    Both committed grievous offences against the state.

    Beside, no court has granted any of them bail. Appealing to sentiments and emotions will not do it.

    • Iniobong Pius Akpan

      Ola, are u in this country at all? how mayh bail orders are you expecting before the rouge government obey court order? seek clarification before making false comment!

    • Iyke

      Ola, please tell the world the nature of “grievous” “offences” Kanu committed against the State. The last time I checked, Nigeria is a democratic country and a signatory to the Geneva Convention on human right. One of those right is the right was what he demonstrated and was illegally locked up by the Government of your Country.

  • Ken Harris

    The comment below makes me wonder if some people are residing in Mars?. The courts has granted Dasuki and Kanu bail in the past, but having a government that holds the judiciary in utter disdain; the court orders were disregarded. Funny enough Nigerians wants Nigeria to one day attain the status of advanced democracies like the United States but we refuse to apply the basics like respecting the principles of separation of power. In the US a federal judge shut down the Executive order on immigration and the executive agency (ICE) involved complied immediately. But, in Nigeria a professor of constitutional law advices the president not to adhere to the principles of separation of power and we still wonder why there are so many half-baked graduates. Simple, garbage in-garbage out?.

  • omoobanewyork

    There you go again, they have forgotten that the two men committed a crime again the state. Their action led to the death of several military men and women. In some countries, they will be executed, eg US,China , Russian.

  • omoobanewyork

    When the US Military arrested some members of 9-11 perpetrators, they were not granted bail because they have committed a crime against the state. Maybe Dasuki and Co is bigger than Nigeria. Goat

    • Iyke

      @Omoobanewyork. I believe you are somewhat educated. What Kanu did was expressing his God given right. His action is no where comparable or related to terrorist activities under the U.S law or the U.S military law. Get it right and speak of things you know. Don’t let your ethnic sentiment blind your view of Kanu’s action.

  • omoobanewyork

    Now,you are sympathizing with the men who did not care about your existence, you are lucky BoKo haram did not succeed, you would not have been alive today or probably you would have been a refugee in another country.

  • omoobanewyork

    Fool. Democracy did not say grant every crime bail. I have seen several crime committed in America that were not granted bail because of the seriousness of the crime. Would you grant Boko-haram leader a bail when he is arrested because is democracy or human right. Every body they make noise, me i wan make noise too.

  • omoobanewyork

    I think most Nigerians do not even know what is crime against the state, because they do not have a state .

  • omoobanewyork

    because they requested for more men to protect the embassy in Libya before the ambassador was killed, they almost put her in prison, i am talking of Hilary.