Ladoja warns APC leaders on crisis



National Leader of Accord Party ( AP) and Former governor Rashidi Ladoja of Oyo State has warned that the polarisation in National Assembly may frustrate any effort by President Muhammadu Buhari to deliver the change Nigerians are yearning for.

He subsequently enjoined the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to sit-up and resolve the in-fighting and power tussle within its ranks in order not to cause unnecessary distraction for President Buhari.

The former governor said the long years of being in the opposition may be responsible for the internal crisis rocking the APC.

He wondered why the party is finding it difficult to manage its internal crisis reminding that the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP) was able to control the situation in the a House of Representatives under Aminu Tambuwal as Speaker.

The AP chieftain said the crisis rocking the National Assembly has led to under-performance from lawmakers through constant recess while members of the NASS still earn salaries and allowances for work not done.

Ladoja added that the presence of some National Assembly members at the Code of Conduct tribunal sitting last week for the trial of Senate President, Bukola Saraki showed the APC as a party divided against itself.

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  • Eniriches

    Baba’alankara should keep quiet joor. Saraki and his co travellers will fall by sword of Justice very soon.

    • dappy daps

      But sincerely he spoke the truth even if it’s for once…

      • The truth is not just what you see, speaks, likes and promotes when it favors you and your kind.
        It should apply universally to all aspect of ones life and endeavor, he’s protecting his herd, Saraki’s trial is their defector proxy

        Buhari get them all!

    • Victor Aikhionbare

      Lollll! The Ankara wey him dey wear dey help the economy sha.

      • No, the ankara’s they wear are the softer smooth cottons made in Hollande, looks can be deceiving.
        They have zero patriotizim

    • Fuzio

      I recommend ‘Aba na anya (Aba wax)’. It is a powerful counterweight to ‘Hollandis’.


    I disagree with Ladoja that the presence of some Senate Members at CCT shows polarization in the ranks of the Members of the Upper House.Far from that it only shows the level to which corruption has eaten deep into the fabrics of socio political and economy of the country.Where the country vis-a -vis Members of the Upper House is operating and legislating under the Rule of Law,Saraki is supposed to have resigned by now seeing the hand writing clearly and legibly on the wall.Do these corrupt and shameless House Members think that their unholy and unjust support will stop the law from taking its course? How come they think in the face of overwhelming documentary evidence pointing irresistibly to Saraki”s commission of the crime of Anticipatory Declaration of Asset Saraki will be praised at the Tribunal seeing his cohorts coming with him and told to go home and sin no more? Buhari and his government have to be more active and ingenious to win this war against corruption.Patriotic Citizens are all praying for them!

    • DecodeDaRiddle

      The ONLY reason they all went is so that when the heat is on them too, they will shout it is witch-hunt.
      Nigeria is shifting beneath the very feet of corrupt politicians and if they are not realigned soon, they will be consumed.
      Corruption knows no language, religion or ethnicity. You could see all people from all regions and across all faiths at the CCT. Mention anyone of them that has distinguished him or herself for the benefit of his or her people standing with Saraki? That is the question Ladoja should have asked himself. He too was exposed for the funds he was made to return during the last elections in Oyo State, little reason he thinks like them.


        Thanks my Brother I am happy I find a like mind in you

  • muazu wali

    This is hypocracy typical of Nigerian politicians. They will go any where or engage in any thing just to be on camera. As soon as the going gets tough they assume their true colours. We are already hearing that those supporting Saraki are already changing their minds on accepting nominations as committee chairman. The want to avoid any action which would annoy Buhari and APC leadership.