Kitchen Tips

Kitchen-ShapeTHE shape of the kitchen determines the level of efficiency with which work is done in this section of the home. U-shape: Many kitchen designers say that this is the mostKitchen-Shape-3 efficient among other shapes.

Preparation of a meal in this type of kitchen does not take time because the cook is surrounded on three sides by a continuous countertop and spacious storage, while traffic is directed outside the primary work area.

This kitchen configuration functions well with the kitchen work triangle, ensuring only a small distance between each work zone. This kitchen design maximises the use of all available space for storage and benchtops.

However, it has its drawbacks. It is not efficient for large kitchens without an island addition. Care needs to be taken in planning to ensure that ovens, cabinets and drawers do not clash.

Kitchen-Shape1L-shape kitchen is one of the most efficient kitchen layouts for the modern home. In this type of kitchen, the work centre is located on adjacent walls, thus forming a triangle that allows traffic to bypass the area. Ample amount of space is available for the cook. The L-shaped kitchen has disadvantages. It is not efficient for large kitchens because appliances are too spread out. Also, it is not
 as easy for multiple cooks.

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