Fayose Defends Appointment Of 72 Year-old Council Boss


Fayose, governor of Ekiti

DESPITE criticisms trailing the appointment of 72-year-old, Pa Olatunde Afolayan, as the caretaker chairman of Moba Local Government, Ekiti State, described in many quarters as illiterate, the state governor, Ayodele Fayose has maintained that the appointment is a way to appreciate such segment of the population.

Justifying the appointment, Fayose said many elected political office holders rode on the votes of illiterates and insignificant people only to forget them after assuming office.

He claimed that the vote of a professor and an illiterate is the same, hence the need for his administration to reward those that are members of his party, who are not educated and give them recognition in his government.

Afolayan, who commended the governor for the kind gesture, said his expectation was not beyond the position of a ward chairman because he had never gone to school for a day, but that does not diminish his intelligence. “I may not be educated or certificated, but I have the experience to pilot the affairs of the council. I promise to surpass the records left behind by my predecessors to justify Governor Fayose’s assertion that local people are intelligent and visionary.”

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  • uche okoro

    APC criticizing the man but GMB is older.

    • okwuteise

      ….and probably less intelligent

    • Arabakpura

      It was Fayose that first criticized him when he said that a man that age like his mother and Buhari should wear pampers and stay at home!

  • Banji Dada

    The most important question should be ” can he get the job done?” Can the Council Boss effectively discharge the duties expected of this office? His performance will determine whether the Governor made a wise decision or a poor judgement. Time will tell.

  • Arabakpura

    It was Fayose that said that Buhari @ 72 should be wearing pampers like his mother and should have nothing to do with governance! I hope he bought this baba a trunk load of pampers! The man has turned Ekiti state into one huge theatre!

  • Michael Akinmola.

    Fayose is merely playing to the gallery.
    How does he want somebody who is not literate to cope with the burden of administration of a local government when it comes to reading and interpretation of reports and petitions. There are other ways of playing political games than this type of local and unsustainable political appointment for the old man. However, time will tell.

  • amador kester

    An honest illiterate is much better in power than a crooked technocrat.The illiterate will recruit equally honest technocratic advisers and achieve marvels but the corrupt technocrat is a psychopath and uses knowledge to serve himself only.The enemy of life is not ignorance.The ignorant man changes to do good when he learns right but the psychopath who gets educated uses it to scam the people.The enemy of life is the learned man without commensurate responsibility .Thus not all that went to university and graduated are existentially educated.. If a doctor psychopath he thinks dollars and not the peoples health..Infact as a charlatan he will fight any doctor that helps the people.If a physics prof he does not think of taking his nation to the moon or manufacturing helicopters or electronics to improve lives but how to make and sell guns to cultists or rip off students selling handouts or grades.If a computer doctorate he thinks yahoo scams in a big way. The list is endless.Gentlemen psychopaths are the causes of global problens and are found in every field even the clergy! They are not easily identified as such at first,they speak well,can stay silent well, can mix well and strike when they can win.Its a most incurable syndrome and they hardly learn from experience until too late when the harm has been out of proportion.However not all educated people are psychopaths and some technocrats of integrity exist even among a few politicians.Also not every illiterate is a saint.But a learned criminal is the worst criminal and our university system has no syllabus to imbibe virtue to any ramificatiin…