Eidel-Kabir: Obi congratulates Muslims



Former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi, has urged Nigerians to be reminded about the spiritual message, which the Eidel-Kabir feast signifies for the entire human society.
In his message made available to the press yesterday in Awka, Obi congratulated Muslims on the celebration of the 2015 Eidel-Kabir celebration.
“The successful conclusion of the annual hajj, upon which the Sallah festivity rests, is an apt reminder that human society must be imbued with those values that lead to and reflect the brilliance of God.
“As the Sallah celebration underscores love, friendship, brotherliness, charity and generosity, among other values, we are reminded of the virtues of harmonious co-existence in a diverse society like ours.  Greatness will come to nations that consciously plan and work for it through consensus and confidence-building measures.”
Speaking further, Obi said, “As we shared in the joy and fun of Sallah, Nigerians should at all times remember that hard work and discipline were essential to safeguarding the future”.
He therefore called on Nigerian to reflect always on the goodness of God which, adding,

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