Cleric Rallies Support For FG

President Buhari and his vice, Osibanjo.

President Buhari and his vice, Osibanjo.

A CLERIC, Pastor Peter Obaseki yesterday called for support for President Muhammadu Buhari-led government even as he attributed the increasing moral and social decays amongst members of the society to activities of religious leaders who hide behind religion to perpetrate evil.

Speaking with journalists yesterday evening, Obaseki who is the senior pastor of Divine Grace of Glory Church International said most places of worship have suddenly been turned into den of rituals, herbalists, occultists, adulterers and other vices by supposed men of God who rather than pursue their vision and mission have resorted to entertainment, storytelling and other gimmicks in the name of worship and service in God’s vineyard.

“Pray for the leaders, pray for the state, pray for the city you are, this is very important because if pray for yourself only, you have not done the job because when the government has problems, it will affect you, when the leaders have problems, it will affect you so that is why I say pray for the government and all around you.”

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