Bank apologises to Nda Isaiah

bank-greeneuropeanjournalFORMER Enterprise Bank, now Heritage Bank, has apologised to Mr. Sam Nda-Isaiah for erroneously including his name, his wife’s (Zainab) and Banana Republic in the list of debtors published by the bank in two national dailies.
Nda-Isaiah is the chairman of Banana Republic Ltd. 
The bank, in a letter to Nda-Isaiah, dated August 31, 2015, stated unequivocally that it erred: “We wish to state regretfully that the inclusion of Banana Republic Limited, your name and that of your wife on the list was done in error.”
Heritage Bank said it “holds you, your family and Banana Republic in high esteem. Again, we regret whatever insinuation or public harm done to your persons,” the signed statement observed.
The apology is coming on the heels of a petition by Nda-Isaiah to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor over the defamation of his character by Enterprise Bank Limited. 

The commercial bank had on Monday, August 10, published Banana Republic Limited among its delinquent debtors.
But Nda-Isaiah, in a petition to the CBN Governor, called for an investigation into the loan granted to him by the bank.
He explained that in 2013, the food and hospitality firm, where he is the chairman, approached Enterprise Bank for a facility for the expansion of its business into Maitama District of Abuja and the construction of a 5-star hotel in Guzape, Abuja, on a 1.4 hectare hilltop prime location.

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