APC Chieftain Carpets Okurounmu, Says He Is Inconsistent, Self-Seeking


Senator Femi Okurounmu

Assures Yoruba Will Not Regret Voting Buhari 

A CHIEFTAIN of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ogun state, Chief Bode Mustapha has assured the Chairman of the defunct Presidential Advisory Committee on National Conference, Senator Femi Okurounmu that the Yoruba would not regret voting President Muhammadu Buhari into power, either during or after his tenure.

The former National Auditor of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), who spoke to journalists in Abeokuta, yesterday asserted that, not even Okurounmu’s Ward in Abeokuta South local government area of Ogun state, would regret voting massively for the ruling party, “talk less of Ogun state and the entire Yoruba nation”.

Mustapha, who was also the Director General of Sen. Ibikunle Amosun Campaign Organisation in the 2015 Governorship elections, described the leading member of pan socio-cultural group, the Afenifere as “inconsistent, self-seeking and selfish politician, whose antecedent at his homestead further nailed the PDP coffin in Ogun during the elections. “I had thought the likes of Sen.

Okurounmu and his other anti progressives elements former President of winning Yoruba states for him will just go and bury their heads in shame, and perhaps return whatever incentives collected as part of their acclaimed integrity, but, contrary is the case. “The question is which credibility does he have to say Yoruba will regret voting Buhari? When, already his primary constituency at Abeokuta South is lamenting his alleged role in the Jonathan saga.”

Mustapha said the outburst notwithstanding, the Yoruba is very much confident of getting the best of governance from the current administration, “which we are already getting with the unprecedented improvement in electricity, the sanity we are all seeing in the public service etc. “Mind you, the President even acknowledged that the electricity improvement was not his making, but, we all know that but for his emergence, the cabal running down the sector would not have had a change of mind.

That is integrity, credibility and that is confidence, which every discerning Yoruba is proud of at this early stage of the administration.” The APC chieftain wondered why Okurounmu, “who could not stand a popularity test with a youthful APC member in his council area, would be giving remarks, so childish and premature.

He should be the one feeling uncomfortable with how he would redeem his image in Abeokuta and not how appointments which is just less than 15 per cent of expected total appointments is being shared in a government that is inspiring, focused and co-ordinated.

More so, when the appointments being made are for people who will work closely with Mr. President, as was the case when Jonathan was the President.  “It is even contradictory for Okurounmu to be accepting now, that we the Yoruba were seeking for genuine social change in the general elections, which he himself worked against. So, you can see the inconsistency of our “PDP” brother, who seems to be acting holier than thou.” Mustapha submitted that with assurances being given by Mr. President, “we can never regret his government; our government.

If there is any regret, it is Okurounmu and his few henchmen who despite the alleged huge mobilisation they got from Jonathan could not turn the wish of the people for sincere and transparent social change government,” he said.

Okurounmu, as Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee, had canvassed for votes for Jonathan for a second term, which was particularly aimed at an attempt to implement the report of the conference. “But, Nigerians in General and the Yoruba knew better, and therefore voted for President Buhari who in the end got two million votes from the South-West, to nail the planned implementation of the report,” Mustapha disclosed.

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