Ankara: Blocking Is Still Trending

ankara fas CopyBLOCKING is a term used to describe a situation where fashionable risks are taken with combination of several colours to create an outstanding look. In case you didn’t know, our local Ankara can also be used to block. They can make you look elegant, vibrant and stylish.

One can block by combining different colours, shades of the same colour and even patterns. Ankara blocking is all about combining different patterns and colours of Ankara fabrics to create an outstanding look, and a lot of thought is put into it to get it right. It is usually a systemic, sequential process and perhaps represents one of the most technical aspects of the “looking good” business.

First, you need a proper understanding of colours. Moreso, there is equally a need to understand body types, patterns and how they can be combined to create a dynamic and stylish look. For example, slim people do well with horizontal patterns while for the more endowed, vertical patterns work better for them. Likewise for short people, vertical patterns are suitable, while horizontal patterns work well for taller individuals.

At least, two colours should be common to all fabrics of different patterns in an Ankara blocking appearance. Not more than two to three colours that are not common to all fabrics and accessories should be obtainable when an overall appraisal of the look is done.

Furthermore, handmade Ankara craft accessories -shoes, bags and Jewelries- can be used to complete your look. If you wish to try something different this season, go for Ankara blocking. You’ll be glad you did.

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