Actor Emeka Ike blames Chris Okotie for his unresolved marital crisis

Emeka and wife before the divorce mess

Emeka and wife before the divorce mess

Popular Nollywood actor and producer, Emeka Ike has blamed Pastor Chris Okotie for contributing to his unresolved marital crisis, saying that the pastor through a lawyer was frustrating his efforts to resolved the crisis amicably.

“The lawyer Chris Okotie hired for my wife is also frustrating every attempt I make to resolve the matter peacefully,” Ike said in a statement.

He further revealed that “Pastor Chris Okotie just absolved my wife into his church without making any effort to get in touch with me. If as a pastor, your church member is having issue with her husband, and you failed to do anything to resolve it, what kind of pastor are you? When I called him, he refused to pick my call. He also failed to react to a text message I sent to him. Is that a man of God? Even, if you have a police case, they will make effort to hear from you before taking a position, not to talk of the church.”

The actor who said he still loved his wife claimed that he has never raised his hands against his her, and that they were initially in counselling with a pastor before she packed out of his house.

“I’ve never beaten this woman in my life. When she ran out of home, I called my pastor and they took us for counselling. For one week, I was begging her every day; I would go home alone and she would go home alone as well.

“At a point, Pastor asked us to write five things we like and dislike about each other. The pastor said that maybe we could work it out. I wrote mine, she wrote hers and she never said there that I used to beat her.

“I still have that document with me. She gave me what she wrote and I gave her what I wrote. If I used to beat her, she could not have left it out from that then. Any man that beats a woman is a coward. I know that someone somewhere must have done something to her. How can I beat a woman I adore so much? I love my family and this is very unfortunate. Her children have been begging her to come home, and she has refused.

“When we went to court, I told my wife that I’m interested in amicable settlement of the matter, and that I still want her back. But she refused. Even, if you don’t want me, what of your children, I asked her and she still would not listen to me.”

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  • Jumpingbrook

    Mr Ike, just leave her alone for now, stop coming to press to make comments, if she say she doesn’t want to marry again, then go home and make peace with yourself, no be by force.

  • Asuquo Bassey

    May Almighty God help you Emeka Ike to solve your marital problems in Jesus Name, Amen. Please go on your kneels and pray, stop talking to the media and people including the blaming the pastor. May God help us all. God bless Nigeria.

  • Faden Lachang

    Emeka the media is a market place. when you started your relationship no pastor was involved. You can win the battle on your knees. May God give you and your wife the wisdom to overcome this temporary set back.

  • Moi

    Woe to any married man instigating another married woman to leave her husband in order to have her. Sometimes we attract the wrath of God to ourselves. The first thing my father counseled me as I approached puberty was never to have any dealings with a married woman. Nowadays, men under various guises gloat over abominable acts. What has happened to the golden rule, “Treat others as you would like them to treat you back?”

  • Ogbonnaya Okike

    Are you sure, that the Pastor is not interested in having her as his concubine?

  • emmanco

    This thing about men of God here and there in Nigeria has eaten deeply into our cultural belief system. What happened to mother, father and in-laws talking to their children. people are quick to run to so called men of God giving them undue access into their matrimonial home. I am a christian and God gave us the liberty to come to him directly through Christ Jesus. We must equally examine the men of God we run to for marriage counselling and see if their own homes are in order. Emeka may be a successful actor but he needs to go back to the roots of marriage and that is our parents and God. It seems Emeka wants his wife home desparately however it takes two to tango. The grass is not always greener on the other side of the field, soon she would want to come home, then it would have been too late.


    when a woman finds out you love her than she do to you ,you became a bigger mugu. in today world money and materialism has taken the position of GOD in some people heart, at marriage it becomes unbearable.demons wants every marriage to divide ,but prayer with good heart stop it from happening.

  • AriseNigeria

    It is hard to find true men of God today because many are ruled by the flesh. Some so-called pastors feels the privilege to control ones own destiny, they want you to know that they are in control and incharge of your life, so it boils down to power, control and manipulation. The man of the house should NEVER give control of his family or marriage to an outsider, even if he claims to be a pope. If you can’t resolve your issue together, you are probably not meant for one another. Here is my point, there is love and forgiveness in marriage, and that includes humility. Some in-laws are none starter because they too have issues and will encourage fighting and quarrels for their own egos and selfish interest. A marriage based on biblical principles, and were everyone involve is committed to its success will ultimately succeed. but once you have played your part, but the other party chose not cooperate, while he she is at liberty to leave the marriage, you too are at liberty to find a suitable christian to marry, because he or she who leaves first without justifiable biblical reason is the guilty party and faces greater judgement, I think thats what the scripture teaches. Emeka, God will see you through it. WE MUST BEWARE OF PEOPLE WHO COMES AND GO IN OUR MATRIMONIAL HOMES, THE DEVIL COMES IN MANY PRETENDS.

  • valushi

    No matter how you love a woman, don’t ever beg her to marry you, because you’ll always beg her to stay.

  • U. K. Charles

    Before a woman decides to leave her matrimonial home, she has already divorced her husband in her heart six months earlier. More so, when a woman marries at age 18, 19, or 20, by the time she’s 31, 32 or 33, her tastes must have changed significantly. By this time, what she considers as enchanting at age 18, has gradually faded and diminished, by age 31. As soon as they have found a probable alternative, one who could replace what they may loose in their man, they hinge on trumped up allegations to leave their matrimonial home. Once this stage is reached, nothing stops them from achieving their aim – leaving. However, in their later life, they regret their action. They apportion much of the blames on themselves as to why their marriage failed and why they have not stayed to weather the storm. Mr. Ike should allow events to run its course.

  • Wolex

    Emeka should put his house in order and be a man. Check yourself and do what is right then God will step in.

  • judy

    pls dont blame the pastor, u should be able to take control of your household and not blame others for your mistakes. pastor okotie cannot force your wife to return to u nor reach out to you in your personal matters, he can only counsel her which u donno if he did. talking to the media about your personal life is crap and am sure you must have hurt her bad to make your wife leave you. go n make peace n dont bring okotie into your family mess

  • Ben Efe

    The solution to your problem is this: ATTEND the same Church she is attending now. She will come back to you when you ARE A MEMBER OF THAT CHURCH. But can you do that? Or will allow pride to stop you?

  • Nnenna

    Hi Emeka, I won’t tell you to get a divorce. Life is choice deriven, we live by the choices we make but the most important is putting God first in it all. Ask yourself a sincere question, is divorce right in the sight of God? What was Christ teachings on divorce? Sort yourself out with God. Then your children, how will this affect them emotionally, their self esteem, their perception about marriage, in every aspect. Think through the multiplier effect it will have on them now and forever. There’s this saying “had I known comes at last”.

    I will also like to add that beating a woman is not worst thing you can do her. Every woman wants to be loved and respected. She wants to be the only queen in her husband’s castle. Cheating on your WIFE is worst than beating her. You shouldn’t be proud that you don’t beat her when you do the worst ever that can make her move out of the house. A woman can tolerate beating and lack of affection and still remain in the home as long as the husband is faithful but infidelity will send her packing without looking back because she wants to live for her children. You know there are several sexually transmitted diseases and infections that can send you to your early grave. No one wants to die young.

    Think through your actions and inactions and sincerely ask yourself if you have been a good husband. If she were your sister what would you have done differently.