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Twitter Is Releasing An Emoji For Pop Culture

By Chidera Muoka 15 July 2017   |   7:48 am

Emojis have for a long time taken over the way people express themselves and sometimes it’s been known to boost the message of the writer. Twitter has taken it upon itself to make sure that right now with all the swag of pop culture your emoji game is a 100% with some influence from your favourite dance, trends and expressions.

Using one of their tools, the Twitter poll, they asked users which emojis they felt will up their social media game and the winner of the pole was the Dab! That’s right, come the 17th of July, you can now dab in your messages.The emoji’s featured in the poll were Sweep (broom) and Salty (salt shaker) or probably they meant the salt bae emoji.

Just in case you did not have the chance vote, what emoji would you have voted for?

Definitely the salt shaker (bae) for us!!! Maybe, they’d release all the emojis mentioned in the poll *fingers crossed* and we can eat our cake and have it.

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