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Thor Ragnarok Second Trailer Is Even More Intense Than The First

By Chidirim Ndeche 24 July 2017   |   5:00 pm

Thor: Ragnarok might just be the most fun a superhero movie has had in a long time.

This first trailer was packed with a lot of action, fun and insanity, making it one of those trailers that will be incredibly difficult to forget. In the trailer, we see Thor and Loki teaming up to defeat Hela and Ragnarok, and they are using laser guns to shoot people. We also see the incredible Hulk fighting the fire giant, Surtur. It was so much fun that we thought the cast and crew might not be able to meet up to its awesomeness at Comic-Con. We were wrong.

Check out the trailer for yourself here:

As the son of Odin, king of the Norse gods, Thor will soon inherit the throne of Asgard from his aging father. However, on the day that he is to be crowned, Thor reacts with brutality when the gods’ enemies, the Frost Giants, enter the palace in violation of their treaty. As punishment, Odin banishes Thor to Earth. While Loki, Thor’s brother, plots mischief in Asgard, Thor, now stripped of his powers, faces his greatest threat.

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