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6 Things To Do Before A Protective Style

28 September 2015   |   8:36 am

A protective style on your hair is a temporary style that you do to protect your hair and be free of it for a while. Helps you to not always touch or play with your hair. Aids growth. Retains length. Examples of protective styles are braids, twists, crochet braids, weaves, faux locs etc, and even wigs can be protective too.

Here are 6 things to do before a protective style is made, and they are listed below.

1. A prepoo or a hot oil treatment (you can check them out on Hairnamaniac.wordpress.com)
This will help to strengthen the hair, restore lost moisture and nutrients, prevent shampoo from stripping the hair of all oils and encourage growth.

2. Wash with a non sulphate shampoo and use a good conditioner too. Make sure the hair is really cleansed.

3. Deep condition hair. Preferably do a protein treatment. To help prevent breakage and excess shedding while the style is in. You can also do a moisture deep condition right after. Rinse out well with Apple cider vinegar.



4. Blot out excess water with an old tee shirt. Moisturise hair with the LOC Method.

5. Don’t let the stylist comb or part your hair wet or dry. Hair should be damp. It’ll be better if you put the hair in sections or twists yourself before heading to the stylist. Makes it easier for you both. Let them use a wide tooth comb to comb. They should comb carefully in sections.

6. Don’t do tight or tiny protective styles. They make you lose hair. Also if the stylist pulls your hair too tight, call their attention to it so they can ease their hands. Don’t let them pull in your edges or nape hair too tight either, else bye bye to hair there too. Make sure it feels comfortable not painful.

While the protective style is in your hair, there are certain things you should do. To prevent dryness, and to keep hair in Check. Listed below.

– Get a spray bottle with 50% water and 50% any oil of your choice, be it coconut, jojoba, olive etc

– Spritz your real hair regularly with the content of the spray bottle.

– Clean your scalp with ACV, water and methylated spirit. Use a cotton wool. Spritz after cleaning.

– Do not leave your protective style in for too long else you’ll lose hair. 6 weeks at most. If you want to leave it in longer, be ready for the results. You might have longer hair but there’ll be lots of breakage.

When taking out your protective style, do it carefully. After taking out the attachment, weave, extension… Use a conditioner or oils to carefully detangle your hair, so you don’t cut off your hair.

Then prepoo, wash, deep condition, moisturize and put in twists.

I hope this has answered some questions for you and I hope it’ll help in many ways. Always available for questions. Twitter is @Kinkyparadiseng 🙂

Peace, love and no breakage.

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