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3 Ways To Prevent Chapped Lips

27 September 2015   |   9:08 am

As our parents would say the ‘Mber’ period is here and chapped lips are here.

DO NOT LICK YOUR LIPS!!! It doesn’t help a bit.

So as much as you would love to get your matte pucker lips on during the Christmas season, here are 3 ways to prevent chapped lips this season.

You wouldn’t be breaking bank on this and you would be feeling like Angelina Jolie when you see how well your routine has worked for you.

Brush Your Lips With A Soft Brush


If you use a hard toothbrush already, then you would need to get a separate one for this.  So gently scrub your lips after you brush your teeth (with the hard one, depending).

Lip Balm


The lip balm is very essential. It should be with you all season in my opinion. I swear by it. The Cococare Cocoa Butter Lip Balm. So after you are done with getting ready for work, school and whatever you have on your list. Do not forget to apply your lip balm, it should become your accessory. Avoid petroleum jelly products aka Vaseline. They don’t help your lips.

Drink A Lot Of Water

Pouring Water Into Glass On Blue Background

Think about it like watering your garden and your body is that garden. Water is the most essential ingredient for every body. You can’t have so much of it. It’s easy to forget to take water because you have soda and juice and other liquids, but they do not supplement it in any way. You need to be constantly hydrated and your lips would definitely benefit from that.

There we go. Your easy and cheap starter pack to avoiding chapped lips this season.


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  • Garba Mohammed

    I used to lick my lips to get them moistened, but I discovered that licking the lips made the situation even worse. I later started using the lip balm. Since then, it has become my companion during the cold season.