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Four Fun Things To Do At Olumo Rock

By Stella Ibru 28 July 2017   |   5:00 am

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Balancing the activities of your daily activities could be stressful; an ideal get away could be a trip to Olumo Rock. It’s only an hour’s drive from Lagos, and there is unlimited access to hotels, restaurants, night clubs, casinos and more. There is a lot of history behind Olumo Rock. During the tribal wars in the 19th century, the Egba people found refuge at the rock and called it Olumo Rock (under the rock). The rock provided sanctuary and an advantage to monitor the enemies moves, which later led to their victory in the war. Since then this has been one of the most popular tourist destinations in the ancient city of Abeokuta.

There are numerous activities to engage in , here are the four main attractions on the rock.

1. Olumo Rock elevator

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Climbing the rock could be challenging and strenuous most especially for the older tourists. The elevator helps but the best part is the view of the city as you rise to the top. The installation of the elevator has helped attract more visitors to Olumo Rock.

2. Hide-outs and shrines

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There are tiny natural caves with holes on the floor where the Egba warriors hid their wives and children during the wars. The holes-dug on the floor were provided a device for grind pepper, tomatoes, onions and other ingredients during the war. There are also some shrines of Yoruba gods located just by the caves. If you are brave enough then you should try exploring the spaces like the Egba warriors did.

3. The Panoramic View Of The City

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One of the features of the rock that visitors would not want to miss would be the enchanting panoramic view at the top. The old St. Peters Cathedral (first church in Nigeria), the Ogun River, the city’s beautiful central mosque, the Alake’s palace (royal king’s palace) and many others can all be seen from atop the rock.
4. Museum

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It is the only museum where tourists and other visitors can learn about the history and importance of the rock and is situated right at the bottom of the rock. The city is filled with culture and history. It is also enriched with many artefacts important to the people of Abeokuta.

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