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Kitty Cat Makeup Tutorial

15 August 2015   |   3:00 pm

Hassana Mohammed is a fashion designer, MUA  and an artist


This is the Kitty cat makeup tutorial in case you’ve been curious on getting this look.

Start off with a clear skin.
Moisturise. Prime if there’s need to.


Go ahead by putting on your brows . Not too intense , but perfect.
Prime your eyelids because you’d want those colours you put on your lid to really pop depending on the eyeshadow palette you’re using .
Define your crease using a blending brush with a soft color preferably a light brown
Then use a blending / flat brush to apply shadow on your lid. Any colour of your choice , however you’d want your cat to look.
Apply just a tad bit of a darker colour at the outer corner of your eyes then slightly use your blending brush to blend that into your crease just by dabbing it .
Prep your lashes .
Go ahead to your liner , intense or soft , angled or not . Just how you’d like it .
Then apply your mascara .
Apply a black pencil to your water line . Don’t forget to intensify.
Go ahead and apply your lashes .


Apply your foundation. Do not cake your face . Make sure it’s very light as possible then apply your concealer to the necessary areas .
Under your eyes , your forehead & the bridge of your nose .
Blend in very well with your beauty blender or whatever you use in blending .
Contour lightly as well. Your cheeks and your nose . This is a cat makeup you might wanna go a little bit more dramatic with the contour.
Then set that all in place with your powder . Your face powder which is your shade .


For this part you’ll be needing just a black & white pencil.
Use your black pencil to make faint half circles at both sides of your face , around your jaw line & if you insist down your neck to your chest area.
Then go back to thicken those curves you created . Use your white pencil to make thick dots in the middle of those curves .
Draw a half circle on your nose with your black pencil depending on how big you would want the nose of your cat to look then connect it down to your Cupid bow and outlining it with the same black pencil .
Then use your white pencil to make whiskers about 4 on each side of your mouth.



Red/Pink/Nude/Purple lips would be perfect for the cat look. So get which ever lip color you want and apply .

I’m obsessed about a bronzed finish so you could spice up your cat look by applying your bronze to your forehead , above your chin & the bridge of your nose.
You could also pair this look with a cat lens .

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