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How To Bake Your Makeup

03 September 2015   |   2:52 pm

In today’s post, I will be showing you how to ‘bake’ your under eye makeup which will leave you with a flawless finish.

Baking your makeup is very very simple and won’t take out time from your makeup routine. Baking or “cooking” makeup began as an old-school drag makeup technique used to set concealer and highlight the face all in one go. The tools for the job are a loose setting powder (I am using the Sasha Buttercup Setting Powder), a high-coverage concealer (I’m using LA Girl Pro concealer in Toffee) and a sponge for blending.


Here, I have applied my concealer and blended it in under my eyes, on my forehead and on my chin.

This is the Sasha Buttercup Setting Powder. It’s a yellow translucent powder which can be used to set your whole face or just your concealer. Next to it is my Beauty Blender which is the best thing that I has ever happened to me.


Here, I have applied the powder to the places I want to highlight. Now to ‘bake’ the makeup, all you have to do is wait. Allow the powder to sit on your face for about 15 – 20mins. In the time that it takes to bake my face, I usually do my eye makeup.

After that, I brush off all the excess powder and continue with my face makeup. The result is a better highlight and coverage under my eyes and a flawless finish.


Here is a picture of my face with flash. The powder has no flashback and it blended in nicely.


I hope you learned something from this post! You can buy the Sasha Buttercup Setting Powder HERE at BeautyRevNG.

Stay fab.

Deola Adebiyi is the Editor In Chief of Omoge Mura, an online lifestyle magazine. Check omogemura.com for more fashion and beauty tips as well as reviews.

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