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Mother And Others Arrested For Instagram Child Sale Attempt

By Urenna Ukiwe 13 October 2018   |   2:07 pm

Abominable crime against children is carried out every day. It is heartbreaking when the crime is perpetrated by someone who is supposed to protect and give them care.

In Indonesia, four people have been arrested by the police including a mother and a broker who allegedly attempted to sell a baby via Instagram.

A report was made to the authorities bringing attention to an Instagram account well known for photo sharing with the account name ” Private heart” which projects itself as pregnancy consultations and adoption services.

Police have stated that have they found evidence that monetary transactions were made.

The mother, a 22-year-old attempted to sell her 11-month-old baby to a buyer in Bali. She reportedly intended to offer the child for the sum of 15 million rupiahs (N358,768)

Child trafficking has been carried out but was previously done in person with the help of a middleman. But social media has made the transactions sophisticated and easier as pictures and images of ultrasound, mothers and babies are posted on the sites.

Some of the mothers are single women who wish to give up their babies for adoption without knowledge of their relatives.

The account used for this transaction has been disabled by authorities.

The accusers face 15 years in prison for breaking child protection laws.

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