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Vogue 73 Questions With Lupita Nyong’o

23 September 2015   |   9:50 am

After 12 Years A Slave, the world fell in love with the black beauty Lupita, I for one, was just happy that a black woman won something. A thing of pride.

So I watched 12 Years A Slave and I didn’t see why she won the award, to be frank, everybody thinks they can act a part till it’s in their hand.

So fast forward to this year and I know that she would be starring in Star Wars and Jungle Book and I’m pretty excited to see all that she has to channel.

Watching her land her second Vogue cover was pretty exciting, more exciting than that is watching her answer 73 questions spontaneously.

A little bit rehearsed on where to go and the questions to be asked but there is truly more to the ebony looking, Afro kinky, eccentric Lupita.

Fun fact: She loves her wide brimmed hat, who would have thunk it?


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