PDP alleges neglect of economy by Buhari



FROM the camp of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) came yesterday advice that President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration should pay urgent attention to management of the nation’s economy, which it alleged has been on rapid fall in the last four months.

PDP National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh, in a statement yesterday said: “Whereas the PDP is in full support of President Buhari’s efforts in tackling corruption and insurgency, the party is however concerned about the grave economic situation we now face, as well as indices from global economic watchers, which this administration has failed to give deserving attention, despite its predictable negative impact.”

The opposition PDP said as a responsible party, it is duty-bound, beyond politics, to draw the President’s attention to the fact that under the prevailing circumstances, the nation is evidently heading to economic doldrums.

The statement reads in parts: “Mr. President, this is no longer about politics and partisanship. It is about the economy of our dear nation and the wellbeing of the Nigerian citizens.

“Recall that we have severally, in the past, drawn attention to official reports showing that the unemployment situation in the country as well as inflation rate are growing at frightening dimensions, let alone the continued decline in domestic and direct foreign investments, all due to uncertainty created by the lack of economic direction of the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led administration.

“The situation has become even of utmost concern following the failure of this administration to articulate any interventionist policy at this critical moment, when credible global economic monitors have continued to predict that oil price may fall as low as $20 per barrel.”

According to PDP, “it is worrisome that whilst other countries are taking deliberate steps to enhance their investment profiles and hedge their economies at this time, the APC-led Federal Government has done nothing in that direction, but has centered on partisan politics and witch-hunt of perceived opponents, while the economy remains vulnerable and unattended to.”

Disturbed by what it called unsatisfactory attitude to governance, the PDP said:

“We caution strongly that this approach to governance is not healthy for our nation. Indeed, the time has come for Mr. President to end the apparent lethargy in his administration and take urgent step to set up a crack economic team of experts to immediately swing into action and salvage the situation by opening up all economic outlets, which have been stagnated in the last four months.”

The party advised that in managing the economy at this time, Mr. President, as the father of the nation, should look beyond partisan politics and ensure that the policy frameworks and populist economic projects claimed to have been initiated by the PDP administration, especially in the non-oil sectors, are not allowed to rot, but adequately utilised for the good of all.

“In this regard, therefore, we wish to draw attention to various agricultural projects and programmes established by the PDP, especially in the northern states, such as various dams and irrigation projects, the e-wallet financial empowerment system to farmers, associated to the over two million direct farm jobs, as well as the Green Belt project under Presidential Initiative on Aforestation in Kano and 10 other northern states, all in line with PDP’s agenda to return the region as the food basket of the nation.

“The PDP believes that in the interest of millions of Nigerians citizens who look up to the political class for direction, it is now imperative on the APC-led Federal Government to pay deserving attention to the economy and continue the policy of the past administration of opening the space for harnessing indigenous potentials,” PDP said.

The party promised to remain committed to providing credible and robust alternatives and views to government policies and programmes, in the general interest and wellbeing of the Nigerians.

Meanwhile, the APC has described the PDP’s rambling statement on the nation’s economy as part of the opposition’s ploy to distract the Buhari administration from its onerous task of putting the nation on a sound footing.

In a statement issued in Lagos yesterday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said the PDP’s statement was a litany of delusional self praise, rather than a genuine concern about the nation’s well being.

“The question the PDP should ask itself is that if it had laid a solid foundation for the economy in its 16 years in charge, could such a foundation have given way in just three months of a new administration?”

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  • William Dennar

    He who has ear,let him hear!!!!

  • Kehinde

    Which economy? Is it sharing of crude oil proceeds? Abi na crudeoilnomics?

  • Ojiyovwi

    At long last. I read a propper and appropriate contribution from the opposition. APC administration would do no favours for their followers if they CHOOSE to IGNORE the economy. All nations only sustain their peaceful and prospective life if their economy is sound. No one leader takes the economic life of their nation forgranted. Buhari’s intgrity will be at risk if he failed the economy of the nation. Nigeria is the greatest nation in Africa and it is not good enough to be navel-gazing and chest beating about it. The nation and her leaders hav a wider responsibiltiy beyond her borders. Leadership is not about crowing from roof tops about your position but more by howyou conduct your life. Nigeria has to show the example of good governance in socio-economic terms.

  • Sunshine

    Metuh has spoken the gospel truth. Buhari’s administration is rudderless


    The economy that was ruined for 16 years by the rudderless PDP will not be turned around in 3 months!

  • New Nigerian

    Metuh – Successive PDP adminsitrations regressively left a blighted Nigeria for the world!

    The Economy is in free fall due to PDP-inflicted deconstructions. The amount that were stolen are mostly kept outside the country for starters – inhale….between $150billion and $300 billion…exhale!!

    Jonathnonomics which included the firing of the steady-handling at CBN by HRH Sanusi Lamido and replacing him with Emiefele, a PDP-Lackey who dance to the tune of PDP of wholesale theft and meddling with exchange rate that has led to impending delisting by JPMorgan recently announced due to opaqueness that his unecessary steering has brought about (in satisfying Jonathanomics) leading to regresson of confidence in Nigerian fiscal policies.

    So dear Metuh, we have been paying attention that is why we the people fired Jonathan and your party from handling our affairs. Buhari administration is doing a wonderful job laying the foundation of unwinding the damages your mis-management has done to the economy and Nigeria. It is early in the day yet, but we have seen progress and we believe in this administartion to do the heavy lifting of stopping terrorism in the land (which PDP administrations allowed to persist as a tool for looting our treasuries, pauperizing Nigerians and settling old school-yard fights of the 60s while seeking to balkanize the country), recovering our stolen commonwealth under PDPlutocrats, put recovered money to work for Nigeria, kill corruption and revive the economy through well paying jobs for Nigeria. We smile today because God has smiled on Nigerians by replacing foolish leadership with wise leadership, as well as, put the minding of our commonwealth in the hands of merciful & kind minders as opposed to heartless, wicked minders. We smile at the entertainment value you spew everyday because PDP who believed in rule of men have been replaced with democracy & rule of law, and PDP plottings can no longer harm NIgerians, even as we are wary of missed opportunities and lost time. We thank God and may He make us all truly thankful by bringing to full fruition all the seedling of peace, unity and progress that we are now witnessing under the expert handling, and to God be the glory, the legend of our time – President Muhammadu Buhari – and his administration that we the people gave a strong mandate.

  • Giringory Akabuogu

    Is there any way somebody could advise this idiot, Olisa Metuh to shut his mouth! This president is trying his best to put structures in place, which will correct the mess you and your drunkard former president and other criminals have put Nigeria into. I know you are trying hard to be seen as a credible mouthpiece of the opposition party, but please SHUT UP!!! Nigerians are tired of seeing your face on daily newspapers!

  • Al-Amine Mphammed Abba Seid

    I think they would help Nigeria and Nigerians a lot by keeping their big mouths water tightly shot!!!!

  • christopher

    Nigerians have entered ONE CHANCE with BUHARI!!

  • okonofua okonofua

    Pdp is not a party. It is a congregation of thieves. No shame at all. Even the way they talk. Brainless people. How did nigeria ever get to vote such people to lead them? Such useless and irresponsible kinds of people into power always perplexed me. Such miscreants. What a shame for nigeria. I cant even bring myself today to associate with such people. Talkless of calling them my leaders. Empty heads like these? . They dont even know how to be an opposition party. Not knowing what to criticized. When a government is finally having a headway. Stilltalking in their stupor. Oh metuh! I feel so sorry for you. And ashamed of you at the same time. WHAT A BIG FOOL AND HUMAN BEING YOU ARE.