Army uncovers massive illegal oil bunkering site

Oil Bunkering

Oil Bunkering

• Arrests 13 suspects
• 41 ships with petrol, others coming

THE Army has uncovered a massive illegal oil bunkering site barely two weeks after heightened security operations in the area. And strangely too, the location is about one kilometre from the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Thirteen suspects were arrested.

According to the Commander of 2 Brigade of the Nigerian Army, Port Harcourt, Brig.-Gen. Stevenson Olabanji, who broke the news, thousands of litres of illegally refined diesel were discovered at the site. He said Army operatives were immediately deployed to the site at Makoba Beach, after a tip-off. It was gathered that the site is also about two kilometres away from the Rivers State Government House.

Olabanji said: “About 16:40 hours on Monday, we got an information that some illegal bunkering activities were going on along Makoba Beach. On arrival at the area, our personnel discovered illegal activities including bunkering of illegally refined petroleum products and lifting of diesel to local boats.

“At the site, we found over 5,000 drums loaded with illegally refined diesel; four tanker trucks containing 132,000 litres of diesel combined and a badge with 165,000 litres of stolen diesel.

“This discovery is unprecedented because since we started our operations 10 days ago, this is about the biggest that we have uncovered.” According to Olabanji, the operatives also discovered additional 150 drums loaded with about 3,150 litres of diesel in 21 Cotonou boats.

He said the illegal bunkering site has not been set ablaze – in line with the Joint Task Force’s mandate – because of its closeness to residential buildings and the NPA. “Our mandate requires us to destroy the site, but we cannot do this because it will degrade the environment and affect residents as it is situated in the heart of Port Harcourt. Our plan is to move them to a safe location for destruction,” he said.

The Army commander said preliminary investigation had begun to unravel the sponsors of the facility, adding that the 13 suspects would be handed over to relevant authorities for further investigation and prosecution.

Olabanji warned against sabotaging oil and gas installations by oil thieves, assuring that the JTF would not rest until it has ridden the state of illegal bunkering activities. “Let it be known that the Army will not and will never tolerate illegal bunkering in our area of responsibility,” he stated.

He urged the public to provide the JTF with timely information that could lead to arrest of oil thieves and pipeline vandals.

Meanwhile, the NPA has announced that 41 vessels laden with petroleum products, food items and other goods would arrive at Apapa and Tin-Can Island ports in Lagos from yesterday to September 19.

This is contained in the authority’s daily publication, Shipping Position, issued in Lagos. It said that 13 of the ships would arrive with general cargo, while 11 others are expected to be items in containers. It stated that 10 ships would bring frozen fish, bulk sugar, buckwheat, bulk salt and soya beans consignments.

The publication said six ships would arrive with base oil, petrol and diesel, while a ship would bring a truck head.

A News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports said 14 other ships with petroleum products, general cargo and food items consignments had earlier arrived at the ports and were waiting to berth.

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  • Arabakpura

    Don’t move them away to safe location, only for it to move itself back or move away to another location without destruction! Anyway a new sheriff is in town!

  • Kalu Henry Orji

    Change has come.God will help Nigeria.

  • Olusola Thompson Adewole

    I think all these seizures would benefited the Nigerian if they could be process properly and then sold to the motorists, though must be properly accounted for. That’s a lot of Money into the Government.

  • Collective Governance

    Well, I have an alternative or different view on this discovery. The fact remain that it is actually not a discovery but rather a grass or whistle blower who tipped up the authority. However, the government just gave licences to operate modular refineries in the region. If government is true to her promise, they should test the quality of the fuel distilled at this local refinery and help them to register, hence legitimising them with a specific crude oil allocation either per day or per week, so that we can begin to build up our down stream bottom up and see the direct impact on our local economy. I agree that a crime has been committed here, but in the absent of government ability to provide gainful employment to this young men in the creek of the Niger Delta, it will be fool addy to apply the full measure of the law.

  • shola

    It is gold worth getting a tip-off from well wishing and vigilant
    residents. Nigeria as of today depend on whistle blowers to fight the
    cancerous theft, impunity and corruption.

  • Asuquo Bassey

    Well done Nigerian Army. Nigeria have lost a lot of money due to illegal bunkering, I suggest that these seizure products be taken to NNPC for proper refine and be sold, then the money be put in the Treasury. I don’t support the continuous destruction of the products because it does not benefit Nigeria and it also degraded the environment. God bless Nigeria

  • Ojiyovwi

    If you should find your stolen goods, you do not then set about destroyiung what was yours and now found. We should all rejoice that we are now belatedly having the proper means of recovering stolen national assets. May I suggest that we institute an intelligence lead replication of the method used here for the recovery of other national asets and fake drugs. Bring the perpetrators to book, and out them to public humiliation as example to all would-be national thieves.

  • POSA

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    There is an African Infrastructure
    investment convention in Zurich-Switzerland in October. What makes it
    interesting is the opportunity for anyone who has brilliant project idea
    (start-up; on-going, expansion or sell-off stages) to meet with

    See to register if you have any project idea for your community or your state.

    Pass it on.

  • Mazi JO

    Good Leadership has excellent focus. Could you believe there is a brave group of Nigerians who could achieve this feat without being bribed; whom the sole motivation is, National re-juvenation? Courageous group! Please keep it up. The Nation depends on you and the informant public to ride to victory in this one. I think every one should be awakened to the fact that it takes all of our different vigilant eyes to work extra-hard to pinpoint anomalies in our homes, our communities and our Nation at large if we must win this war on corruption. It is about time we scored some resounding ‘battle-field’ successes. Well done fellow citizens!