‘Music should preach love, holiness and development’


My name is Ehizoje Emmanuel and I’m popularly known by my stage name Zionson. I’m working with a record label, which is ‘Nobody is Nobody Records’ located in Maryland, Lagos. It consists of my manager and Public Relation team, but you can also call us the Zion family. We have a foundation, which is Zion Family Movement because everything about us has to do with inspiration.

What does Zionson connote?
Zionson simply means the son of Zion, because Zion is a holy place where God dwells and anybody from Zion is Godly.

When did you go into music?
I started my music career in 2010 and I currently have about fifty tracks ready, which I recorded in Ghana. I have spent most of my life in Ghana but now I’m back in Nigeria. My recent track, which I’m about to launch, is ‘Que Sera Sera’ (What will be will be). The visual is out and has been playing on different local television stations. My next aim is promoting them online internationally and locally.

What’s your goal to reach in the music industry?
I want to have a long and successful career as a singer/songwriter/performer. I want to release my own music and have a loyal fan base that want to see me play live.

How do you describe your song to people?
The kind of music people hear in Nigeria and Africa is usually something they would be able to dance to, even though the lyrics sound meaningless. The truth is songs like that can never inspire someone to live a better life because it doesn’t pass across any message. My kind of music is inspirational and it will inspire and lift your spirit.

Have you collaborated with other musical artistes?
I don’t have plans on collaborating with anybody for now because our views may differ, I want to spread my message to the people at large before I can feature anybody and I would want us to have like minds in inspiring people.

Since the beginning of your career have you been on any concert?
I’ve been on an African tour and currently preparing for another. I want to launch my album before I can focus on that. The title of my album is no competition in destiny and the official launch is this July.

Who inspires you within the music industry?
Probably my favorite artists themselves because they’re doing what I see myself doing. Bob Marley, joseph Hills, and jimmy Cliff are my favorite artistes. I love his music and his musical progression throughout his career. I derived my love for music when I started playing instruments and associating with other people who had the same mindset as me, and I draw my inspiration from great leaders.

Where would you like to see yourself in the next two years?
Performing full time, touring, writing & releasing new music. Most importantly, loving what I’m doing.

How would you rate your performance?
I can’t rate my performance because I cannot be a student and an examiner at the same time. I will do the exams, while my examiners that are my fans and people ho listen to my music to do the rating.

What advice would you give to those interested in the music industry?
For people interested in music: Just do it. The only way to overcome the fear of that first performance is to go out and do it! It gets easier the more you go out to perform, and you get more confident. The music industry is like a big category. Decide what you really want to do – songwriter/singer/solo artist/band/manager/A&R etc. – and become the best you can be at it.

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