What manner of appointments?



AS a fan and avid supporter of the President, I have refused to believe the allegations of nepotism that has been serially leveled against him in the media, with regard to the character of his appointments so far. I have tenaciously held on to my belief about his patriotic character and have passionately informed all that would care to listen that he is a man of integrity who means well for Nigeria.

However, with the recent appointment of yet another Nigerian of northern extraction at the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON), in addition to the very shoddy and distasteful process that led to the appointment of an acting Director General/Chief Executive at the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), I am beginning to get very concerned and disturbed about the President’s disposition and regard for Federal Character in his appointments to our critical national institutions.

The nature of his appointments has been very lopsided and does not in any way whatsoever help his image as a detribalised Nigerian, nor does it also help the image and fortunes of his party, the APC‎. His appointments lend credence to the allegations of nepotism leveled against him by his critics, whom with each new appointment he seems to be proving right, this should not be so.

I implore those who have the President’s ear, such as Governor Nasir El Rufai of Kaduna State, and some others to kindly inform him and prevail on him the urgent NEED to respect federal character in his appointments and to not disappoint us, his army of supporters who come from elsewhere other than Northern Nigeria.

We have drawn the ire of many friends and brethren of ours, who perceive him as a tribalist and religious fanatic. The character of his appointments thus far is doing us, his supporters from Southern Nigeria, a great disservice, and is also quietly causing disaffection and suspicion; this we do not need, not at this time of critical security and economic challenges that are bedeviling our dear country.

While Pro-Merit, it is the humble and considered opinion of this writer that in view of our social dynamics as a multi-ethnic country, the issue of federal character should and must be taken into cognizance by Mr. President; to do otherwise would not augur well for his image and for the progress and security of our country, (as history has taught us).

Justice and equity must be the foundation of the new Nigeria which we seek to build and bequeath to our children. A word is enough for the wise.

• Amasike wrote from 60, Marina, Central Business District‎, Lagos Island, Lagos State. @AMASIKE

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  • Izeobor

    Amasike, it is good sometimes to learn from experience, firsthand. If you were a sheep and you want to learn from experience, you will be resting in the entrails of a lion. Maybe you were a toddler or in your mother’s belly when this dictator arrogantly ignored the rumours of a coup and proceeded to “heaven”, after which he would islamise the country using his stolen executive military mandate. Succumb to history: leopard cannot change its spots!